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    A6 2.4 Keeps stalling

    if it is otherwise 'driveable' i think you might have an airleak so check all airhoses, especially between the airbox and cam cover.
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    Timing Belt issues

    which engine size?
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    sometimes it is recommened to rotate the crank slightly (with the belt off) to take the piston down the bore a bit - just in case you rotate the cam accidentally so you avoid a valve hitting a piston. Otherwise there is no logical reason for 'untiming' the engine before putting a new belt on, or...
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    Audi A3 tdi ~ clutch & flywheel knackered! :(

    i'd check to see if yours was covered under a recall - try Audi.
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    Cam belt change service info (TDI)

    what don't you understand about the tensioner? is it one of the indicator types - ie a pointer you line up with the mark to set correct tension?