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    £50 to spend.....

    De wiper, Heko wind deflectors, Hid kit + led side lights, Poly bush dog-bone mount, Shiney bit for the engine bay, legal pressed plate with nice surrounds, Footwell lighting, Lcr splitter, Geuine mk4 golf aero blades and wiper arms, Some material such as suede etc and cover the headlining +...
  2. J

    water in foot well

    I bought a brand new scuttle cover and it still has a gap between screen and cover! Gonna wait for a dry day and seal it i reckon. Seems the only way to go.
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    Vcd coding for oil sensor warning light??

    Could it not be shorted out maybe??
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    Vcd coding for oil sensor warning light??

    Hi guys, I recebtly fitted a hybrid sump to my 1.8t. Now the oil sensor light is on, on thr obc, because the sump doesnt have a sensor hole. Does anyone know where to find the sensor within vagcom to soft code it out? A friend of mine was tryin to find it in vagcom this afternoon. But...
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    MPG and driving styles??

    Its a rare occasion i get 250miles out of a tank of v-power. And thats a 1.8t fwd a3 with a catback miltek. Either im doing something wrong or my car is being abit greedy for some reason "/
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    Where can I get the lower door moulding for my s3?

    Ive got the pair of door ones for sale
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    Quick rack??

    Hi guys, can i fit a quick rack to my a3 1.8t aum off an r32?? With no problems?? What will i need? Thanks jordan
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    My 8L S Line Sill Protectors

    They look awesome!! But branding a 8l an s3? "/ that would be my hold back to buyin some
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    S3 front mask grill

    I wrapped mine. It tends to get chipped if you spray it. Thats from my own previous experience anyways. Maybe im just not great at spraying lol
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    Which clutch??

    Hello, Last night i noticed my clutch has just very slightly started to slip. Cars an a3 1.8t aum 5speed. Im unsure weather i should go for a smf or keep to a dmf. Ive looked on awesome gti and jbs. Im just not really sure. Future plans to the car are to remap stage 2 so should...
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    s3 8l front bumper on a a3 8l

    I founs that they didnt sit very nice. To be fair I only tried the rear. But the bumper dint really seem to line up with the rear quarter very well. From a distance = fine But close up i personally thought it looked a dog! Hence why im just going for a full colour code instead. Just thought id...
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    What car shall i get next?

    Mk1 focus rs??
  13. J

    Stock boost?

    Lol. Just thought id try explain :) Its the auq engine that usual is the 180bhp version. Found in golf mk4 anni's and dare i say a3 quattro's?? But i did some research last nite and it seems 8psi is about right for a 150bhp model. According to Some threads i read over on uk mk4's
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    Stock boost?

    Aums come standard with a k03s but are still 150bhp/ps. Im sure bill or welly will be able to shed some light on this. Or do a google search and it will come up with uk mk4's forum theres bound ton be proof on there
  15. J

    Stock boost?

    Nope my cars an aum so should have a k03s as standard.
  16. J

    Stock boost?

    Mine only boosts at 8! Is there something wrong?
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    S3 racaro's into a facelift a3 t sport???

    No i do not have electric seats atm. Can the looms be bought from audi?
  18. J

    S3 racaro's into a facelift a3 t sport???

    Hi guys, i have done a search on this and to be honest i couldnt find a definative answer. Can i fit s3 heated and electric recaros into my facelift a3? Reason i ask is because my i dont really like my full leather seats and would rather some nice half leather ones. How would the wiring...
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    Upgrading door speakers in a3 8l non-bose

    As the tittle says guys... How do i go about upgrading the door speakers in my audi a3 8l?? Im going to invest in one of the andymac stealth subs. Just want some door speakers that are clearer and can handle abit more volume! Any recommendations wouldnt go a miss on speakers either...
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    Will 10j go on the back??

    Easyyy!!! I had porsche 10j on back of my a3 with a final offset of 37 with 225 40 18 tyres. Slammed on coilies. Fitted like a glove :) No camber needed I should of gone 235 though to be honest. 225 was over kill!!