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    Footrest/dead pedal

    I didn't use the supplied fittings with mine, I bought some Stainless M6 allen bolts with integrated washer (10mm long) and some nyloc nuts to suit. The supplied bolts are way too long.
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    Footrest/dead pedal

    I bought an ebay jobbie and modified it a bit with some Gloss black vinyl, reflective red vinyl and di noc carbon effect vinyl. I do like the one in the link though. Here's mine
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    Rear discs and pad s3

    I'm a big fan of Pagid for OEM replacements. Their painted discs stay looking good through the wheels too. Only the service area of the disc rusts after for example washing the car. The hub and edge stay largely rust free for a very long time. On my last car there were no signs of rust after...
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    Idiot dangerous Ford Focus RS driver

    As mentioned before in the thread, De badge the car, Mine only says S3 inside and on the calipers now. A3 grille, debadged rear.
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    New short pressed plate fitted

    Apart from anything else, the plate is wonky. As you look at the car its higher on the left side. Observation more than criticism.
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    Finally iv fallen in love with my s3 :)

    Plenty of grip compared to those frenchies you were rolling with. Were they holding you up in the bends?
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    Is it dangerous while driving a car with different speed rating tyres on motorway?

    Personally I wouldn't do it, when I bought my van all the tyres were different makes, speed ratings and worse still load ratings. One was a proper commercial van tyre and the others were car tyres. My van doesn't have ABS and one day soon after buying it I was following someone alongwho...
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    Are Pagid brakes any good?

    When you say full set, you are aware the prices on ECP are per disc. I've just had a look and I cant get 4 discs and 8 pads for anything like that or I'd buy them in advance ready for fitting when they need doing. I get £36.60 per disc rear, £59.94 per disc front, £25.14 rear pads set, £43.14...
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    Lamin-x Damaging Plastic Lenses

    It's fine on glass, I'd only buy genuine lamin x though.
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    Are Pagid brakes any good?

    I can't fault Pagid and would look to them when my brakes need replacing before any other brand when it comes to OE setup. Another bonus is that the whole disc is painted so after the first use of the brakes it's rubbed off of the service area of the disc leaving the remaining paint...
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    Insane Audi A8 driver trashes his own car

    He did buy a quattro. Rear wheel spins at 0.30.
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    Rattle on start up, + fuel economy. S3

    Revo, Shark and APR seem to be favourites. Shark have the same reputation here as they do on Brisky. Personally I'm looking to have mine done at either APR or Shark. You'll break the 300bhp barrier on these with ease with a stage 1 map. I think keeping the torque figures sensible is the key...
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    what previous hot hatches have you had??

    Just 4 here, Peugeot 205 GTI 1.6 (Faded black) Mark 3 Golf GTI 8v (Dragon Green) Mark 1 Fabia vRS (Black magic) 8p3 S3 3 door(Phantom Black) I like dark understated cars.
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    It's a boy !!

    Bank holiday anyone? Matched, despatched, hatched? That's something worth having I suppose.
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    What is this?

    Over engineering at its best. I mean how many people do you know who have spun out and crashed because they were momentarily dazzled through that gap???
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    Rattle on start up, + fuel economy. S3

    No, not that I've noticed, and it has been spanked a fair few times.
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    Rattle on start up, + fuel economy. S3

    Mine doesn't as far as I can tell?
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    If you had the opportunity to re-spray your A3/S3 any colour...

    Focus RS Green, with phantomschwarz perleffekt roof, mirrors, wheels, and grilles. It would look the bizzo. :)
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    Rattle on start up, + fuel economy. S3

    Compared to what you're used to (and I was used to) no it doesn't. The thing is you're comparing chalk with cheese. As you know the Fab was pulling as hard as it could from just over 2000rpm and as you now know, in stock tune these don't pull their hardest until about 4000rpm. Just about...
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    Rattle on start up, + fuel economy. S3

    Maybe, I suppose it depends on whether you park nose up or down, I could be talking complete garbage but it's a theory I've come up with that oil drains away if you park nose up.