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    RNS-E and SDHC that work!

    I've used Transcend brand 32gb class 10 from Amazon uk, they work fine in two mk2 RNSEs I've tried them in, formatting them FAT32 in Windows 7 x64
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    What to check when feeling vibration over 75mph?

    at 80,000 miles I would start by replacing both of the rubber doughnut couplers in the propshaft, they're a common cause of rumble/wobble. Also since you did this 75mph 'spinup' test without wheels - did you get the chance to check all four drive shafts for bends? a slight bend in any one can...
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    bbs co how much will i get?

    on a red A3 it has to be BBS/Speedline splits, they're just so 2005, like our A3s! ;)
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    ABS control unit woes

    it should work fine to check your A3s fault codes, if its a proper (licenced) version you can get the latest update free from Ross-Tech: VAG-COM: Downloads: Which One?
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    ABS control unit woes

    go here -Audi A3 ABS Pump Fault 1K0614517H / 1K0907379K, read the page, see if it points you the right direction.
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    How the HELL do you change the sidelights ?!

    jesus you people must plates of meat instead of hands, when i did mine it took literally 2 mins, most of which was opening the bonnet and umming and arring over the best way to hold the bulbs to put back in but i suppose i have a girly v6 so the little engine isnt in the way ;)
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    Rear Wiper Issue

    D'oh! they want your money, at about 100 and hour, not surprised they're 'helpful', wait until they can't fix it and offer to sell you a new car!
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    Haldex Service

    NO NOT ADD ANYTHING TO THE OIL! sorry but that had to be said LOUD, the Haldex unit works by having predefined friction in the wet clutch pack, anything which modifies that friction could cause the unit to malfunction, use only the correct oil from VAG/TPS dealer. I recently changed all the oil...
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    Genuine RS6 18"

    My set cost 1631.46. The part number of the wheel is 8P0 601 025 BH and the part number for the centre cap is 8P0 601 170 A7 ZJ. Speak to Dave Lever at Stoke Audi part department,
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    Andymac's stealth sub in a 3.2 Sportback?

    Col FYI My car was fitted with an Alpine CVA1003R in a two times single DIN facia adapter (with a pocket in one), it didn't look too awful closed but the screeen mostly covered the vents when open, wasn't touchscreen and you had to use a IR remote control to operate the satnav. The NVE077 nav...
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    Andymac's stealth sub in a 3.2 Sportback?

    Cheers for the info Andy. I guess I'll have to measure up very carefully and see if I can figure out how to fit anything. I did manage to find space for the small Alpine PDX amp (and a satnav module) by making a little platform to bridge across the uneven metal battery box cover and support the...
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    Andymac's stealth sub in a 3.2 Sportback?

    Hi guys and girls Last year I bought a '55 Sportback 3.2 and I'm only just starting the process of replacing the an old after-market install Alpine satnav from '06 with some new stuff. (I'm sure some of you know this already) BUT the 3.2s have the battery in the boot floor and some...
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    ARB help

    Years ago I drove a Metro turbo fitted with monster ARBs and bushes that groaned, that was fixed by stripping, cleaning and greasing the bushes plus lighting cleaning the ARBs of burrs with 1200 grit wet-n-dry
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    wheel offset and tyre sizes, need info please :)

    I really like the look of 19s but given the less than perfectly smooth roads we have all over Britain I think I've settled on getting the 18s, which should update the look of the car a bit, I might add a set of side skirts, chin spoiler, rear 'diffuser' panel and decent coat of autoglym to clean...
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    wheel offset and tyre sizes, need info please :)

    Hi guys/girls I've been hanging around here looking the pics with RS6 style wheels, I'm thinking about getting some for my '55 SB but I'm a bit confused about wheel offset and tyre sizes, I know that Audi make an RS6 style alloy in 7.5 x 18 for the 2010 A3s and that will fit perfectly, err...