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    Attempted Car Jacking!

    Was talking with my mate yesterday who has a modded Impreza Sti, same thing used to happen to Subaru drivers, now too old for the scum bags who prefer the fast Audi’s. Stay safe mate
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    TDI Tuning

    Hmmmm mixed reviews, lot of people seem to have initial problems until they've been returned. bought an a6 le mans today and want either a remap or box, don;t know if its worth trying one
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    TDI Tuning

    Hi all, has anyone used the TDI tuning box ? advertised at £295 for nearly 50bhp power increase and increase of 76 in torque. simply plug in - thoughts / experience in using them? normally had subarus which i've had remapped live by a tuner. Cheers! Stevo