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  1. Jack_tdi

    Post your eBay, Classified and For Sale links and wanted in here. Do not create a thread.

    After a black interior light with the ambiance lights. Anyone know where I can get one that ain’t wildly expensive? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  2. Jack_tdi

    2.0tdi quattro turbo removal

    Well done ! You a far more patient man than I ever will be! good job and you've probably saved a fortune!
  3. Jack_tdi

    Bkd boost gauge figment??

    Fair enough, was expecting you to say "coz they are cool init" lol Can't really help you with where to tap into the boost hoses but the majority of the standard ones are plastic and flexi hose. May not be ideal to make a secure connection too. You can track the pressure through the obd port...
  4. Jack_tdi

    Bkd boost gauge figment??

    why do you want a boost gauge?
  5. Jack_tdi


    Has any one on here bought the yellow s3 from lloyd mini Carlisle....? bbs wheel buckets sunroof etc.?
  6. Jack_tdi

    Do the s3's pop and bang with an after market exhaust ?

    Had so much fun with go pros looking at exhausts!! ;) got some monster flames out of a mates Subaru! And a Clio 182 running a "pop and bang" map!
  7. Jack_tdi

    Wheel spining my S3

    Worth a try what's to lose....
  8. Jack_tdi

    what do you think?

    Are you trying to be individual by lowering you car and putting 3SDMs on? Iv got news for you if you are.....
  9. Jack_tdi

    Wheel spining my S3

    Surely the main dealer would of picked that up if its come up on a scan..... Tell them your going to see citizens advice once its fixed see what you can get out of them.... thats really bad customer service....
  10. Jack_tdi

    excessive air? head issue?

    I'm well aware of the danger of burning myself..... But iv done this over ten times with this car and hundreds of times on an old rover I had with a k series engine in if you release pressure slowly it won't explode all over you.... Just got to think about it
  11. Jack_tdi

    excessive air? head issue?

    Mine is a revision c too :)
  12. Jack_tdi

    excessive air? head issue?

    I have a similar issue on my 06 tdi but I carefully release pressure while it's hot and add 500 ml to 1 ltd about once every 6 weeks will be interesting to see if you find any issues....
  13. Jack_tdi

    Nexen Winguard sport winter tyres

    Iv just bought 4 hankook winters today got them fitted to my spare wheels. Should I swap them now or is it still too warm ?
  14. Jack_tdi

    Color mismatch after paintjob?

    I wouldn't be happy with this.... But that is mine and in not exactly chuffed with that... It was painted around 8 months prior to the picture after I was nudged into at the lights...
  15. Jack_tdi

    Color mismatch after paintjob?

    Go and look at a brand new car in any show room bumpers are always out ..... Spraying on different materials effects under coats and the the colour will be effected because of that..... Also if the panels are sprayed off the car with a machine they may be painted whilst hung and dried through...
  16. Jack_tdi


    Has anyone used a superchips bluefin on a 2.0 tdi 140 quattro? If so what is it like any good or worth paying a bit more and having to travel for a revo map....?
  17. Jack_tdi

    rear wipers come on when i engage reverse gear

    Isn't just audi.... My W reg Rover 25 did this..... (My first car btw don't hate!! We have all been young once )
  18. Jack_tdi

    Turbo whistle?

    mine ran for a year at least with the whistle i wouldnt bother changing it until it suits or forces you.....
  19. Jack_tdi

    2.0 TDI A3 , EGR problem? what to try next...

    Sounds like a boost pipe not sure if it will cause the fault but new seals don't cost the world. Any pictures just to confirm?
  20. Jack_tdi

    2.0 TDI A3 , EGR problem? what to try next...

    Edit.... Use whatever your mate had to clear the codes. If its sorted they shouldn't come back.