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    Haldex replacement

    Cheers for the info. Unfortunately mine was mechanically destroyed by Oxford Skoda during an MOT, then Oxford Audi quoted the damage bill at just over 10k due to other associated components the deemed as U/S. Anyways long story short..... I repaired it myself with a working spare sourced from...
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    Haldex replacement

    Evening all, To cut a long story short my Haldex got ruined by a main dealer on a brake test dyno and is now u/s - they are accepting no responsibility for the damage. Audi have quoted the car as being a gen 2 Haldex (0AV) but the one I have found to replace it is a gen 4 (0BR), is it a...
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    S3 Discs Sizes & Pads

    We have Brembo discs on the TDI Quattro and pagid on the S3 both running ferodo pads. The only thing i would say is that the Brembo discs have coroded on the shoulders whereas the Pagids havent and still look sweet inside the wheel. In terms of stopping potential both more than up to the job...
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    Which tyre?

    Conti Sport Contact 5's on both of ours (S3 & the TDI Quattro)
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    Steering wheels shaking at 80mph+

    Just had the same but at 70 mph as i dont go any faster honestly officer! Was the balencing. Hope you get it sorted
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    Vagcom Users Bristol-bath-trowbridge Area

    Appreciate its a touch late but i am in Bath if you need it in future Chilly
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    Angry 12 Anti Corrosion Warranty - Left High & Dry by Audi - How To Lose Customers

    This is no way to deal with a loyal customer to the group! Park the loan car next to *Cough a deep river! Audi customer service appears to be getting worse, its ruining the brand! when i had problems i offered to go down and run bricks down every side of every car on the forecourt ...
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    Removing a g65 pressure sensor?

    Lol Plenty of Experts! Definition of an Expert ex = has been, spurt= drip under pressure. Take it to a fully qualified engineer who is experienced in this field - don't attempt it yourself as there is more to the system dynamics than clearly you and these guys know! (sorry to be blunt) Do it...
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    Air Con Query

    As a rule of thumb if the air coming out the vents is between 8-12c cooler than the cabin temp when it is on max (lo) and have the fans set to auto, there is no problem and the system is working efficiently. it is just overwhelmed by the heat loading inside the cabin. Don't waste the cash...
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    S3 Brakes upgrade and MOT

    Thanks Alex i will swap out the lines. Which discs should i be looking at? Chilly
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    S3 Brakes upgrade and MOT

    Afternoon all, Looking at replacement and upgrade of brakes all round our S3 and just looking for some advice with reference to specific pads. looking at Tarox F2000 discs all round to be run with DS2500 pads. The questions really are 1. As the DS2500's don't have wear sensors it would mean...
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    £30k budget - What car would you buy?

    C6 RS6 any day but monster running costs
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    How many miles on your A3 2.0 TDI

    170TDI Quattro 123456 miles and still going strong :)
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    Spongy brakes after new calipers

    Can you guys recommend a pressure bleeder? Thanks
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    Question s3 clutch

    Me too! Baby it don't batter it, gotta be smooth and slick with the clutch.
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    Confused??? You Bet!! Advice appreciated

    Hose starting to perish when hot and under pressure 134k and an 04Plate might be worth a look?
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    SLK55AMG beating in the wet!

    Wow! some people get FAR too serious over this! Alex_007 i think you're missing the point ........ never mind son! Its not a case of which was faster a 350z or a Merc 55amg, or a case of if you had all the talent in the world in a RWD you would beat joe average in an Awd (also suggest you...
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    SLK55AMG beating in the wet!

    Incorrect i am afraid Alex the fact that you would be (and he was!) going sideways means you are breaking the limits of adhesion on your driven tyres. Put bluntly great driver or not he had 400bhp pushing through 2contact patches equating to 200+Bhp per driven wheel. The S3 on the other hand...
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    SLK55AMG beating in the wet!

    Its been a while since I've driven the s3 hard so i figured that a good old italian tune up was required! So this morning whilst on the way home i was cut up by a 63plate SLK55AMG coming off the M4......... Girly car if you ask me the guy looked like a total Richard head....... aka **** to his...
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    suffering from carbon build up on a 1.8tfsi?

    To clarify my car is a 59 reg on 80,000 miles, 1 owner possibly a sunday driver who didnt give the car an italian tune up once in a while.Sunday driver? ****** me where did they go every sunday to rack up 20k a year??? ........ more like reps motor! Run some ecomax fuel cleaner / similar through...