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    S4 B8.5 brake upgrade

    Hi All, Looking at replacing the discs and pads on the front of our S4, current set up is OEM. Was thinking of installing Vagbremtechnic J hook along with either OEM or DS performance pads, would be good to know your thoughts on the proposed set up or any suggested alternative. Does anyone...
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    Steering & Seat vibration ???

    Or it could be the window seal out of alignment...... unbalenced indicator....... Faulty door lock.......... Where do these people come from?????? Sounds mechanical, isolate it to a particular movement i.e. Steering acceleration / deceleration or on a suspension bump / rebound etc, if...
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    Vacuum leak

    Great car, good choice! Sounds like a brake booster vacuum leak, over time as it gets worse you will need to put more effort into the brakes to get them to perform. Could be a loose vac line or worst case a leak on the diaphragm. Had it on our S3, glad I got a garage to repair as it needed...
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    Help Please Smelly and smokey A4 2.0 TDi

    Sounds like the engine is burning oil, google blue smoke exhaust, I suspect the valve stem seals are probably to blame although it could also be attributed to worn piston rings. Without a detailed inspection it is difficult to say..... doesn't sound like a cracked head to me tho. I would...
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    Any B8 owners interested..

    Out of curiosity what BBK are you going to? Cheers, Chilly
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    Rev increase and rough idle

    Could be a lot of things, but to me it sounds like a vacuum leak on the inlet side. Engine is attempting to correct the mass flow and causing the rough idle. Had it on our s3 on the vacuum line to the brake booster ...... Not sure if it's common on the S4.......... and before anyone says, yes...
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    Help plz guys and gals! Revs pulsing. See video

    Vacuum leak! Ecu is struggling to supply fuel to the engine as additional air is making it into the inlet manifold, hence the revs hunting.