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  1. terapati

    Pictures of my new car

    Welcome to the sepang club mate :friends:
  2. terapati

    8V S3 Tuning Thread

    Is this something new? Sounds interesting..
  3. terapati

    Coilovers for the 8V

    @Steph67 Do you have magnetic ride mate?
  4. terapati

    Does Anyone Like their S3?

    Ok it is not comfortable as my wife's little SUV which is Audi Q3, but we like this little monster anyway. Both we think that S3 Saloon is very good looking, fast and attractive car on the road. It's been just 2000 km. How much I can go faster on the public road I don't know but as much as I've...
  5. terapati

    S3/A3 ride/handling...? Honest opinions

    @mfl Great review, thanks mate. Couple of questions for you; 1) Do you have mag ride? If so, did you try the track performance between comfort and dynamic? 2) Did you try ESC on/off? 3) How was the wear of tyres at the end of the day? 4) How about the oil temp? Did you drive sameway for all...
  6. terapati

    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8v In Here

    After Meguiar's Wash & Wax shampoo and then Quick Wax. Two different light conditions, two different color. I like Sepang [emoji6]
  7. terapati

    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8v In Here

    This is the most obvious misano pearl effect that I've ever seen under the sun. Very good looking IMO.
  8. terapati

    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8v In Here

    Greetings neighbour :beerchug: Is this misano??
  9. terapati

    Audi G17 Fuel Additive

    You are right about G17. I just wonder if octane boosters would help to protect against carbon build-up process?
  10. terapati

    Audi G17 Fuel Additive

    What do you think about octane boosters? They are common here in Turkey and most people are happy with them. When you google, it says kind of a myth but in our circumstances (like having such a poor fuel quality), it might work? We have only Shell Nitro 95+ (actually 95 with additives) here...
  11. terapati

    Audi G17 Fuel Additive

    I doubt it because Audi America says this additive can be used every 3000 miles. But yours, every 1000 km? My local dealer said that this is only for A8 W12 engine but I can use it anyway. So the products must be different somehow. And this is exactly for EU market, I think yours too. Make it...
  12. terapati

    Audi G17 Fuel Additive

    My dealer said that this is the G17 additive A little bit confused here :)
  13. terapati

    Induction kits what one to get

    Does APR or any other intake system work fine with stock software? And are there any benefits to changing the intake system only?
  14. terapati

    Just Arrived - Sepang S3 Sedan

    Good cars my friend, hope you enjoy with S3 more :) My dealer does not know what G17 is anyway! I'm really considering to reach the Audi Germany about this. Could someone suggest something like G17 additive (products from Wurth, Beryyman or etc)?
  15. terapati

    Launch control 0-60 test

    There's a limitation in number of attempts, yeah we know. But how often we can do LC in practice before we destroy the transmission? Or can we destroy it?
  16. terapati

    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8v In Here

    An awesome highway photo of my blue. If you want to check out the photographer works, search "trlux" on instagram.
  17. terapati

    Hello from Dubai S3

    As I remember, it says minimum 95RON but not sure about 98RON. I can confirm that later.
  18. terapati

    Hello from Dubai S3

    We have the same engine code (CJXF) here in Turkey, but it is clearly that the climate is not hot as much as Dubai or Australia. Definitely related with low quality fuel. We don't have 98RON anymore, only 95RON and 95RON+ (which called Shell Nitro, 95 with some additives) here.
  19. terapati

    S3 - Started giving the beans

    This is exactly what the manual says but it is really very hard to drive this monster that way. I had a weekend trip which was around 250 km on highway (just passed 300 km right now :banghead: ) and I did bad things couple of times. Especially when you hear the farts and you feel the torque, you...
  20. terapati

    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8v In Here

    Thanks BH, hope to see yours soon [emoji6]