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  1. Jack_tdi

    DA 1st it possible to create orange peel?

    Is orange peel not caused by the surface of the paint/laquer not being flat..... I have some friend who work in body repair and they "flat polish" cars using various abrasive pads and eventually polish the finish is amazing! Without seeing pictures of your paint its tough to say.... Has the...
  2. Jack_tdi

    New to car cleaning
  3. Jack_tdi

    Matt paint...

    Iv got matte black wheels on my car (not the same as panels I know) but I searched ages for a cleaning solution for them. In the end I just used watered down bilberry. I would say he couldn't polish it because it would make it shine but I think a wax would still give the Matt effect just add...
  4. Jack_tdi

    New to car cleaning

    This hobby can become seriously expensive once your hooked lol I wouldn't call my self an expert but I use muc off über shine with a sponge or two I have a grate for the bottom of the bucket too so the sponges don't pick up any grit. If its totally covered use a pressure washer to take the...
  5. Jack_tdi

    Muc-off anyone?

    Iv got a bottle of ubershine and think its great Leaves few water marks when quick washing Ph7 so doesn't attack paint Lifts dirt well when deep cleaning Smells beautiful too lol
  6. Jack_tdi

    matte wheel cleaner and sealant?

    If any one is still interested I have read that the permanon super matte is suitable.for alloy wheels Permanon Car Super-Matt 500ml [PCSM500] - £64.80 : Nanotech SST
  7. Jack_tdi

    matte wheel cleaner and sealant?

    GTechniq C5 Wheel Armour any good? Gtechniq C5 Alloy Wheel Armour | FREE UK DELIVERY
  8. Jack_tdi

    matte wheel cleaner and sealant?

    Permanon Super Matte - 100ml Just found this stuff :) what you reckon?
  9. Jack_tdi

    matte wheel cleaner and sealant?

    Nice one what do you seal your wheels with though ?
  10. Jack_tdi

    matte wheel cleaner and sealant?

    Iv just bought some matte black 3sdm 0.01 and I have had a look for some cleaner and some sealant/wax but to no avail I want some ph7 cleaner and wax/sealant that won't gloss the wheels has any one got any suitable products ? If so where can I buy them and for how much? Thanks Jack
  11. Jack_tdi

    DIY alloy referb - reccomendations and tips please.

    if you fill them yourself they wont be able to powder coat them as the filler will crack in the kiln to cure the powder
  12. Jack_tdi

    3 for 2 Halfords

    new formulation super resin is top notch!! if you want some micro fibre cloths visit bnq the kent car care ones (6in a pack) where on 3 for 2 at my local one it works out cheaper than buying 50 in bulk off ebay ;)