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    Atomic Blonde

    watched the bluray last night, stormer of a film. that oner stairway fight is a masterclass of cinematography and action choreography. dreaming of a Charlize/Keanu crossover/hook-up :-D
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    Pirates of the Caribbean Salazar’s revenge.

    i saw it on the flight to the US, really enjoyed in and bought part 4 to catch up w/ the plot - had given up due to the awful part 3, but 4 was good too.
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    John Wick (Chapter 2)

    finally got to see this, and on my new OLED too - cracking film, i love it. looks a million dollars, KR is amazing as usual, love Ruby Rose too.
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    John Wick (Chapter 2)

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    47 Ronin

    got this on BluRay years back, fantastic film, shame it's got the stigma of one of the biggest money-losers :-(
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    Blade Runner 2049

    Soldier is only "in the same universe" in as much as Paul Anderson was a big BR fan so he put a couple of subtle easter eggs into the film to suggest they were part of the same universe. it's a great film but don't go to it expecting anything more than a couple of knowing grins when you spot the...
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    10 Cloverfield Lane

    just saw this last week. ending was so far out of left field it i just didn't know what to do w/ it.
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    "we've had 20 years to prepare...a new script."
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    is it better than Vertical Limit? :-D
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    John Wick

    worth checking out The Gift, he plays a real nasty bast in it.
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    John Wick

    i did do a search for "wick" but the other thread didn't come up :-/ highly reccomend Keanu's "47 Ronin" too, gorgeous film.
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    John Wick

    Astoundingly good. some excellent martial arts/gunplay.
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    Ash vs the Evil Dead

    missed it, was it a Sky thing? saw the 4 min prelim, looked canny, willing to try it for a few episodes.
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    Fast & Furious 7

    Just seen it on DVD, great fun borderign on the daft as abrush, as usual. very respectful and decent dealing of the PW character [no spoilers]. that Lykan's pretty saucy too 8-)
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    held since 2011, doesn't bode well.
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    Ash vs the Evil Dead

    oh man...count me in
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    London Film Con

    Anyone going in July? i planned to go due to one guest, Chris Lloyd, and over the months they announced a load more of my faves so it's a total win \o/ been to a few cons, mostly in the US but a few here for specific guests, should be a good long weekend.
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    San Andreas

    ****** Hell, i didn't even know that was on the books. That'll be interesting, not my fave JC film but fun nevertheless
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    Mad Max: Fury Road

    saw it on Imax 3D, fabulous. brain-in-neutral to be sure, but i thought if fully worthy of the series - i was dreading another Thunderdome but fortunately we got another Road Warrior. minorest niggle would be i would have liked more ****** violence but that's hardly worth the mention.
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    Peaky Blinders - Series 1 & 2

    saw it on TV, fabulous, will pick up the box set in due course, but was very disappointed by the lack of extras :-/ Cillian is excellent