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    Hit and run

    regardless of damage, the fact the police seemingly don't care about an uninsured driver makes me seethe. they should be all over that even if they're not interested in your level of damage.
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    Scammed by another member on here

    If it prevents someone else potentially dealing w/ them and getting scammed too, it's helping.
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    No; you're the stupid one who got caught!

    "The footage was posted on social media before it was reported to the police." yeah, get your priorities right.
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    Whats wrong with this picture......

    do you mean to sugggest someone would be taking that out in the rain?! :-D
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    A bit of sunday winter funny.....

    re that last pic, how come there isn't an optional extra front trim shaped more like a plough blade to help push that deep stuff aside? [answers along the lines of "cos it doesn't need it" don't add to the thread!]
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    Bacon Sandwich.

    bacon only, buttered brown bread, ketchup. but the bacon MUST be crispy, if you can't snap the rasher, it's not crispy enough :-D
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    Audi vs Jeep

    i think he just stole that :-D
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    Well If The Airbags Don't Work, At Least I Know the Structure's Sound
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    Not What I'd Expect From Audi
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    Nice Paint Job

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    Audi trolls Bmw on twitter

    cool but....
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    First flight with my new drone!

    are they easy to control? my mate has a little copter and it seems a nightmare of co-ordination skills to fly, which i don't have! great vid though, that thing looks steady as a rock.
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    Let's Give The Insurance Industry An Enema

    5 people signed so far. not quite the response i hoped to see!
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    Coach Crash he had a mile visibility and took no action, and thought the hard shoulder was open for use? it never is unless roadworks have dictated it. but seriously, why would a company...
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    The Audi Prologue A9

    what's the car behind us? no Audieo!
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    What are my rights?

    the more important point to me would be why was it resprayed? was there an "incident" you weren't made aware of?
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    Courtesy Cars/NINos

    Local garage said to get a courtesy car i need to take my driving licence and my National Insurance number - has anyone else had this? the lass babbled something about this is how they check stuff, which made no sense to me.
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    Dashcam: Peugeot spin fail vs Audi A4

    just another pair of ar$eholes on the road, can't see anything "cracking" about it.
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    Angry Audi Salesman

    i want to punch the fkn smug grin off his face, whole thing makes mockery of the justice system. you can vandalise stuff and knock someone over and just walk out of court smirking about it? wtf??
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    Interest rates going down tomorrow?

    RBS were saying they were going to start charging people to "save", some scare-talk about negative interest rates etc. ***, if it's going to cost you to have cash in a savings account you might as well take it out and put it under the floorboards.