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  1. Longman

    Anyone going to Le Mans?

    I am!! Leaving early tomorrow morning and staying at Karting Nord. There are 5 of us going in 2 cars... I cannot ****** wait mate!! How about you??
  2. Longman

    Road Tax

    Such an unattractive race the Sweeds!!
  3. Longman

    Mass air flow sensor - S3 (8P)

    In some cases I have seen, engine vibration can cause the MAF to fail so some people have made up brackets to bolt to the side of the wing from the BMC to try and reduce this. To be honest, with a newer car like yours, you probably won't have a problem but with older cars perhaps its worth...
  4. Longman

    Mass air flow sensor - S3 (8P)

    Back on the MAF issue, if you don't secure the filter housing properly and it is left to vibrate and knock, I have heard that this can damage the MAF as it is really delicate. I read on the Seat forum that this has been an issue with a few Carbonio and BMC owners and some have made brackets to...
  5. Longman

    VAG-COM diagnostic socket - where is it?

    This might help mate: Its right under the dash, next to bonnet release.