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    Bit of a strange dilemma?

    Leave it be. You have been paid out by the insurance company and you have no technical right to it and the current owner might have bought it as salvage. Save the hassle and headache
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    urgent help please Audi A1 head unit replacement

    8XA035192C is for cars built 30.05.16 to 23.01.17 the 'A' version is for 3.11.14 to 30.05.16 so your car will no doubt fall into the first dates and means 'A' version is not compatible with your car
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    Word Association Game .. . . .

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    Audi Centre Dispute

    I think sometimes all it takes is the small claims court papers to land on their doorstep to finalise things. They probably think you wont go that far and you are full of hot air. Courts usually dont look favourably on large companies screwing over the average man, but it does depend on what...
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    HP Printer Quality is rubbish these days.

    Ive got the same printer: 283fdw and works great. Toners are the same ones they shipped with and apart from it dropping offline from its wireless occasionally its works. Got mine from JL when they had the £100 cash back
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    Quick way to find paint code?

    whats the reg no?
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    Minor damage insurance protection

    Actually even if you are hit by a 3rd party and they admit full liability your own insurance will still put it on your history as a non fault claim thus increasing your premium- been there done that
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    Minor damage insurance protection

    Ive seen these companies do repairs on a friends Tiguan, Whilst he was happy with it, i pointed out lots of imperfections with the repair. So make sure you check everything before and aft repairs.
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    Audi A3 2.0 Tfsi cracked sump

    If its been ran until the engine seized on its own accord then look for a replacement engine. If it was switched off as soon as low oil light came on then you should be fine with a new sump. If you have removed an audi engine before then you know what your in for as its time consuming.
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    Apple - Customer Service Nightmare

    You obviously must have used your credit card to pay for it in order to get a home delivery. Give your card a ring and let them sort it out. they have a fraud dept and will look into it on your behalf
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    Help with a6 alloys

    Are you sure? My 12 A6 BiTdi had 255 40 19 and ive just changed these to 255 35 20. Everywhere i checked confirmed that 255 40 19 were the correct a6 tyres. Even the door sticker confirms this size.
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    Audi R8 v12 wallpaper

    Hang on a min... is the Start Stop button really on the steering wheel? How many times would your finger/thumb hit that button whilst mid way through a chicane?! Not the most sensible place to put it is it Mr Audi Duck Lack of Techniq !
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    Cut-price R8

    I bet a serious wad of cash that a lot of joe public will actually believe thats the real deal. Very passable!
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    What do you do? Q & A

    President of a new and upcoming country.
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    One for Electricians!

    Mine trip too when any bulb blows in the house. I'd say a small price to pay for piece of mind. Get the wiring checked on both the switches and the light fitting itself.
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    Anyone see Celebrity BB last night

    If fat slag still thinks she's not racist then what the heck was that when she was taking the pi$$ out of Shilpa's surname!!! And when questioned later in the diary room.. what a sad excuse! Oh its going to be soo much to see her face when she gets out of BB and realises the sh!te she has caused...
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    Driving God

    Looks like Sweden. Good bit of driving but a bit daft to do it with other road users around.
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    Look what I woke up to this morning....

    IIRC you can claim for any paintwork that is damaged as a direct result from glass breakage. I had my side windows smashed on a BMW i had years ago and the scredriver left dents along the pillars. The insurance company paid to have it all fixed with no affect to my NCB. Worth checking
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    window tints.....

    ok, a bit more first hand experience here. on my way to work one morning, through heavy traffic, pass a police car. a little later, blue flashing lights in the rear view mirror and i get pulled over. Pc says i was speeding to nearly 50mph to which in all honestly i probably was as i was late...
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    Audi USB flash disc

    Yep got one of these today, not the most solid piece of kit ive seen but just having the Audi logo on it is worth having it on your keyring. Nice one Audi