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  1. Beluga S line

    Post your eBay finds,for sale items and classifieds links also WANTED stuff

    Hi all I’m selling a set of Sonniboy rear blinds for a sport back. I have purchased new clips so the blinds are all ready to go. The rear window is in one piece, so no nasty line down the middle. I also have a luggage Cargo/net for the boot that I have...
  2. Beluga S line

    New 1.5 TFSI engine replacing 1.4 TFSI WK22

    Follow the link which explains the private mile rates for company car drivers if you don't pay for your fuel through the tax system.
  3. Beluga S line

    New 1.5 TFSI engine replacing 1.4 TFSI WK22

    That's what I thought re the company car element.....but with CO2 gm going up on a new engine?? Isn't the drive for car manufacturers to bring the CO2 element down globally?!
  4. Beluga S line

    New 1.5 TFSI engine replacing 1.4 TFSI WK22

    I can't work out the Audi thinking on the 1.5 TFSI engine and the company car BIK and CO2? Most car manufacturers are bringing down the overall CO2 for cars which in turn brings down the tax liability for the driver. So.... The outgoing 1.4TFSI engine on the S- Line saloon manual was 111gm CO2...
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    Highest mileage 8V? High milers where are you all!?

    So picked up the car on March 3rd 2015 and I've covered 25658 miles ( so that's roughly 2.5k per month). No problems at all. If anything the 1.4COD engine seems better than ever! And still loving it:racer:
  6. Beluga S line

    More colours !!? Thanks a bunch Audi !

    And it's on a lowly S-Line!:wtf:
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    Great info......this contains all the facts we need to know for the UK market re the facelift ......but I love the banter on the rest of the posts....especially the Polo V the A1:box:but unfortunately SimonM95's info will get buried in the upcoming pages of :blahblah1:
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    Phone holders

    The fitting is as S3JOJ described above! From memory the mount and holder will cost between £35 - £40.
  9. Beluga S line

    Phone holders

    The mount will be the Brodit one in the link below. Really easy to install and very stable, you can then choose your holder. I use this mount for my TomTom.
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    Hit and run

    Are you sure the Avensis was towing a Silver Caravan? 'Cause if it was it was it would have just filled up with free fuel from the petrol station:-) Also the Police won't want to there was nobody injured! After all you pay your car insurance so problem sorted. Sorry to be so cynical...
  11. Beluga S line

    Sline 2.0tdi mpg issues

    I have a company car......why are you worried about the MPG??
  12. Beluga S line

    Stop-Start Poll

    I never turn it off...but I never use*!? I tend to keep the clutch depressed so it never kicks in unless I know the lights* will take a while to change!
  13. Beluga S line

    New photo of my car!!!

    I'm on Auto-pay and it's really easy to manage. If you use the crossing enough it's worth it as the charge is only £1.67. Still a rip off, as we all know they promised it would be free when the bridge was paid off! I'm on Auto pay for the London congestion charge as well. Although this costs...
  14. Beluga S line

    New photo of my car!!!

    It's for non payment of the Dartford crossing! If you're not on Auto pay you have to go on line and pay it within 24hours! Don't forget to add the £2.50 crossing charge when you pay your fine!
  15. Beluga S line

    Air Vent Magnet Phone Holder for 8V

    This Brodit bracket looks better than the one between the vents
  16. Beluga S line

    Burnt out 65 plate S3 - Not for feint hearted

    The tree wins every time!
  17. Beluga S line

    S3 is going :-( A3 S-line is coming :-) #GUTTED

    The 1.4TFSI can hold it's own:laughing::laughing: You won't be disappointed:tongueclosed:
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    Mint 5 week old longer mint.... :(

    Was the cyclists OK? A car can be repaired!
  19. Beluga S line

    Low oil at 5K miles?

    Hi Ignition, My 1.4TFSI COD oil warning light kicked in at near enough 6k. It has just turned 15k and has just asked for another 1ltr. I would suggest it's quite normal. FYI It is exactly a 1ltr top up when the warning light appears. I stick with the Castrol Edge 5w 30w
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    S3 Stolen

    Get a large dog...and train it to kill pikeys!