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  1. petewon

    Whats this fault symbol?

    As mentioned above, it could be the pad behind the disk thats worn.
  2. petewon

    Difference between SE and Sport?

    Sport has lower/stiffer suspension, different wheels, 3 spoke steering wheel. I think SE may come with cruise controll too (does on the 8p). Theres a few other subtle differences but cant quite remember them at the moment.
  3. petewon

    a shockin s3 i saw.

    Im lovin the M style mirrors , wtf are they pointing at? :puke2:
  4. petewon

    Starter Motor Noise

    Yeah I had the same issue on my first A3. It went away after a while though, Id perhaps leave it a while see if it persists.
  5. petewon

    Mysterious Warning Light

    Do you not need a windback for this? I got stuck doing the missuses golf one sunday, got the pads out and couldnt push the pistons back, then couldnt get the old pads bak in to take it to the garage. Ended up having to use a set of mole grips and a metal bar to push and wind. Not trying to put...
  6. petewon

    What colour wheels

    yeah does look good, go for it.
  7. petewon

    What colour wheels

    I agree too, although not sure on a silver car.
  8. petewon

    Engine light flashing

    Possibly an intermittent fault with the brake switch under the pedal. I had one go on my first A3, I think its quite common. Cheap enough for a new switch though, I think there about £15 ish. You might wanna get someone to check your brakes while you pumping the pedal.
  9. petewon

    Mysterious Warning Light

    Brake pad warning me thinks. You might find they start to come on permanently soon.
  10. petewon

    Examples of Corrosion Warranty claims please

    Car/Model: A4 1.8TQS Year of Reg: 2001 Area repaired replaced: Both front wheel arches repainted due to corrosion. Dealer/Repairer: Collbrook and Burgess. Tyne and Wear Comments:
  11. petewon


    Yeah missfire on cylinders should show on VAG.COM. I got flashing CEL too. I also noticed the strong smell of petrol and sulphur. Obviously just not getting burnt off in the cylinders.
  12. petewon

    Goodbye S3

    Lovely car mate. See you soon :)
  13. petewon

    Help please, Audi A3 2000, 1.8t apparently misfireing

    Oh right I just assumed it would have logged the miss just like a faulty coilpack. I did see a tutorial a while ago on testing them, I think it was over on Audiworld. Ill see if I can find it.
  14. petewon

    Help please, Audi A3 2000, 1.8t apparently misfireing

    I see. Would it not log the missfire tho?
  15. petewon

    Help please, Audi A3 2000, 1.8t apparently misfireing

    Deffo sounds like a missfire although I would have expected to see it logged in the VAG.COM faults. Strange one.
  16. petewon

    Help finding a rear bumper

    try they break VAG and sell online too.
  17. petewon


    Also, be careful with the concert HU as they had that crazy loud volume problem.
  18. petewon

    ** BEWARE, SCAMMER ALERT! i think?! **

    Scam. The cheque will bounce after you have given him the change and the car. Stick it in the bin.
  19. petewon

    why would somebody buy this Ebay rubbish?

    Ha thats ****! "Will I have to declare the addition of this modification to my insurance company and will it compromise the structural integrity of my car?" :)
  20. petewon

    Starting Problems - 1.8TQ

    Sounds like it to me, I would have thought it would have been around 60k on that engine.