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    Help - Xenon Headlight Failure

    I have a pair of genuine ballasts and bulbs for sale if your interested. pm me if you are
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    Aux Water Pump Leaking - S3 AMK Engine

    Wouldnt say this is a common problem. I did notice that mine had crusty red deposits around the seal. IIRC it can be opened so i would suggest that you try to opn it up if you can, clean up the mating edges and apply some liquid gasket. It might work. If it does then you save having to buy a new...
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    235/45R17's fit on standard 17" Avus'??

    They will fit they will also rub on the inner wings on full lock. Not a lot but just a bit.
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    Revo SPS 3 Dongle/controller for sale

    Hi, seeing as i dont have my S3 anymore im selling the revo sps3 dongle/ controller, Currnetly on ebay which finishes this evening. item no. 180294639876 So if anyone wants a cheap one get bidding now. MODS: sorry to post a sale item here; auction finishes tonight. So please dont...
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    GENUINE AUDI A4 A3 S3 red ambient lights S4 RS4 TDI

    Did mine ages ago but used blue leds to complemnt the rest of the interior lighting. Well worth it. Dont really notice them unless you 'notice' them. Suggest you ask vag parts for a price as it might well be cheaper thant he guy on ebay!
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    Pioneer AVIC-D3

    i fitted a pioneer flip out screen with a separate sat nav unit with cd changer and ipod control to my S3 and had no problems at all when running it through the Bose amp and speakers. Make sure you get the right converter and do a good job on the wiring and you should be fine.
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    FAO MO-S3 - are you still about???

    ya im still alive and kicking. Re the welcome home light... yes i did them on my S3 and worked great. I will see if i can find the wiring diagram sketches i did and post them up on here for you all to do. Feel free to keep reminding me from time to time in case i go walkabout.
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    Powerflex bushes

    You can get them all from this place speak to Nav and he'll be able to sort it out.
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    Powerflex bushes

    Suggest you go for Superpro bushes which are no where near as hard as the solid hard powerflex ones. These are a softer compound and allow the bush to work with the car rather than fight it on every corner.
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    Heated seats

    Having seen the the S3 seats with the covers off; i would say it would be a total nightmare to retrofit these. Just TOO much work is involved and you risk not being able to get the leather back on tight which would look *****. Best to get some heated mats that you can plug into your fag lighter.
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    ABS Module

    you will have to get/find the exact matching one if your getting 2nd hand. S3 has numerous things to do with the abs system. You should be able to locate one from a golf etc as long as it has quattro. IIRC its a 1JO part number anyway
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    Can anyone recomend a brighter or LED sidelight bulb I can buy now?!

    Ok iv just asked him and been told that the H370's are now discontinued and the H376 is the replacement. This version does not need the seperate resistor splicing inline.
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    Can anyone recomend a brighter or LED sidelight bulb I can buy now?!

    Go for any of the 2 versions that he sells; H370 and H376. I have the H370 and its a crisp white light whereas the H376 gives a crisp blue tinged light. Having tried both on the S3 i would suggest the H370 as the white light goes very well with the xenon light
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    Rear Seatbelt

    Easiest thing to do would be to pull the lower bench seat and undo the lower anchor bolt and let it recline back. 17mm socket i think is what you will need.. Sometimes they do this for no apparant reason. had the same problem on an a class
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    Can anyone recomend a brighter or LED sidelight bulb I can buy now?!

    Thats why you pay the prices for PIAA bulbs; they are very GOOD. the terra sidelights dont blow unlike other cheaper makes and really enhance the the look of the car coupled with the xenons. IMHO its paying the price for the PIAA terras. Get them from priracing ans Nav will sort you out. He...
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    problems fitting new headlights

    They obviously dont look like genuine ones so thats why they are looking different. Normally they would be fitted to the top left corner. The hole and position would be baltantly obvious.
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    Sale of my S3

    Grip them in the middle underneath and give a sharp and hard pull forward and they should slide forward.
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    Sale of my S3

    Seats are retrimmed. I did the gaitor on the gearstick. (yes i admit i used a sewing machine). H&R's are being sold seperately. PM me with any offers you have All the s3 seats have the pull out thigh support.
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    Brake light problem - searched and none like mine

    Its probably the the switch! Some are push to make and others push to break
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    Help - Electric seat not working!

    Should be an easy and simple fix. There are 2 small micro switches fitted under the seat to the frame work. These can snap off or come off and get crushed between the frames. They are there to prevent the seat going too high or low and jamming the motor mechanism. Suggest you take the seat out...