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  1. jonmusicman

    iPod question

    Don't panic! Did a system restore of the iPod and it's now ok.
  2. jonmusicman

    iPod question

    I've got the Audi iPod link in my A4 and I've noticed that when I turn on the ignition the playlist always jumps to 6 even though it's playing playlist 1 for example. Also I totally removed and restored ALL the songs last night and it seems to be playing songs in playlist 2 (for example) and...
  3. jonmusicman

    No rear sound.

    Good luck! How much did you pay for it? Was it off ebay from Lithuania?
  4. jonmusicman

    Changed the bose sub for aftermarket sub but it’s very, very quiet

    I think its to do with the ohm rating of the sub. I think someone will back me up on this. Bose needs to be 2ohms most others are 4ohm. I think?
  5. jonmusicman

    Dumb speaker question?

    I want to change the front door speakers (mid + tweeter) in my B7 to some that are much better quality? The only problem is my car has BOSE fitted. Also what size are they? I've got a feeling they are 6.5".
  6. jonmusicman

    IPOD Adapters

    I got my iPod adapter fitted to my A4 but got no ramp thing. Should I have got one too? Mine is in bubble rap in the glove box. It's still crap though.
  7. jonmusicman

    Symphony questions

    Hi, try pressing the MENU button for about 2-3 seconds then the menu will change to set up this option. Not sure about which symphony you have but with the iPod interface you need to set up 6 play lists each will have up to 99 tracks. On the display it will show CCD1, CCD2 etc these are your...
  8. jonmusicman

    Sat Nav installation service

    Hi could you also send me a PM with the price to install the sat nav? My A4 B7 car has already got the double din. Many thanks
  9. jonmusicman

    whats the difference in audi cd players

    There was something nice about tape, cannot think what it was though. Speaking of tape my Audi 6cd has got a tape deck. How odd!
  10. jonmusicman

    whats the difference in audi cd players

    I had a Chorus with Bose in my old A4 and I must admit I think it sounded much better than the new 6 disc rubbish in my new A4 B7 (still with Bose). But to be honest they're not very good. I'm now thinking of getting a Becker Grand Prix head unit which is much better but some how I'll need to...
  11. jonmusicman

    Sound advice needed

    I'm sure this has been asked before but are there and companies who do a higher grade replacement speaker pack for the A4? I'm sure someone must do one, it could be called the "Audi B7 crap BOSE upgrade kit"! Any ideas what "BOSE" stands for? Lets just wait for the answers to flood it...
  12. jonmusicman

    Sound advice needed

    So the long and short of it... Don't pay extra for BOSE it's not worth it!!! Many thanks Andy for your comments
  13. jonmusicman

    Sound advice needed

    Hi thanks for your reply. I played a CD in my old A4 (B6) with all the bass and treble set to 0 then tried the same with the new A4 (B7) and the sound is totally different. Sounds daft but the "sound stage" sounds a lot lower in the new A4. I keep thinking it's the head unit but as you say...
  14. jonmusicman

    Sound advice needed

    My new B7 A4 is fitted withe BOSE and the Audi 6 disc CD player. My old B6 A4 also had BOSE but the single CD player. Can anyone tell me why the sound quality from my new car is "pants" compaired to the older single CD unit? I am extreamly disapointed with the audio performance from what...
  15. jonmusicman

    not sat nav but not bad for the money

    I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole mate! It's coming from Hong Kong, think of the problems when it goes wrong. And you know what they say "buy cheap buy twice". This guy is evry helpful have a chat with him.
  16. jonmusicman

    A4 phone kit

    I haven't got nav but would love to get it fitted one day when funds are better. I can get the phone to work if I make the phone call but I cannot find out how to receive the call because when I press accept on the phone it tansfers the call to the phones speaker. I'm confused! I think I need...
  17. jonmusicman

    A4 phone kit

    Has anyone out there got the Audi phone kit that is dash mounted? What can I do with mine without buying the adapter plate and just using it Bluetooth (Just waiting to see what phone to get)? Can anyone suggest a decent phone that works 100%? I currantly have a Sony W810i which I'm sure...
  18. jonmusicman

    replacement speakers

    Hi, BOSE is free on the new Special Edition/A4 at the moment. I've got it in my 2001 A4 and it does sound ok but when I was (a lot) younger and welt through BIG stereo stage of my life, I installed Infinity Kappa speakers 8" + 1" with a Denon amp which gave a stunningly clear sound. So I rate...
  19. jonmusicman

    replacement speakers

    I'm soon ordering the new A4 Special Edition with Bose. Can anyone tell me if there are better quality speakers that will fit straight in to the existing speaker mounts?