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  1. Danny-boy

    Possible wheel bearing?

    This is my issue, grabbed the wheel and no play, rotation sounds ok on all 4. Not sure how much a bearing change is, but I want to get the right one!!!
  2. Danny-boy

    Possible wheel bearing?

    How do you tell it is front or back? I have a drivers side bearing gone but can't tell if it's front or rear. Cheers
  3. Danny-boy


    Works out to £105 delivered, seems pretty steep. Interesting though, bet it would work well on tuned cars.
  4. Danny-boy

    LED Headlight bulbs an alternative to HID?

    I reckon so. Think there are about 20 models of cars with LED dipped beams already according to a discussion I had the other day. Can't say I have seen any yet though. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk 2
  5. Danny-boy

    Vortex exhausts

    I like the look of that!!! Unfortunately, £750 is out of my price bracket. Would be very interested to see some results from audi drivers though.
  6. Danny-boy

    S3 Mirrors Stolen - Birmingham

    Went to get my hair cut earlier, my barbers son has a new S3. His mirrors were stolen two nights ago on the drive, cables cut etc. Bad news, just thought I'd give a heads up for anybody in the area with silver mirrors. They are highly likely to get taken from what I have heard.
  7. Danny-boy

    Audi Rs3 Replica

    I think it looks ace mate. The number plate "SHADEY" is fairly apt. Credit to you for the effort.
  8. Danny-boy

    Phillips diamond vision

    As an aside, I just fitted DV's on my A4 and I'm really pleased with them.
  9. Danny-boy

    Seat belt warning light and chime are not working??

    I was under the impression that disabling it only got rid of the chime, but left the warning light? I must be wrong as NHN knows his beans, you learn something every day.
  10. Danny-boy

    What's your views on all this HID fuss. Is it avoidable?

    I just fitted Philips Diamond Vision in my A4 Very pleased, they are the closest to HID I have seen from a halogen
  11. Danny-boy

    Audi Halesowen furry

    I'd go elsewhere to be honest, anywhere but Halesowen. Ballbags.
  12. Danny-boy

    Audi Halesowen furry

    I only go to halesowen audi for parts, and they usually manage to f**k that up too. Absolute mongs. Rydale Oldbury were ace when I had my BMW, I must have been mental to expect the same service from Audi. I only have a 2005 A4, and they make me feel like a pauper every time. I had a...
  13. Danny-boy

    Help identifying LEDs

    Try it first!!!! If it doesn't work, turn it round.
  14. Danny-boy

    windows tinted.... not too happy

    Correct. This has been an issue ever since they put the black dots around screens. I have yet to see a decent solution, the film will never properly adhere round the edges. Only way round it is factory tinted glass as far as I'm aware.
  15. Danny-boy

    RS3 Replica, Problem with DRL headlights

    Dude, if you like the badges then you keep them. It's your car. I think it (the car) looks great. Badges don't offend me as I don't have an RS3. Personally, you have ploughed a lot of money / time & effort into the car, if you want to badge it up then go for it.
  16. Danny-boy

    RS3 Replica, Problem with DRL headlights

    Shades, your car looks ace.
  17. Danny-boy

    RS3 Replica, Problem with DRL headlights

    Yes, I do (although I'm fairly new myself). Lots of people dislike replica cars, especially if they own the car that's being replicated. I'm cool with it to be honest, I think it's great to see people "making" the car of their dreams, that they otherwise couldn't afford.
  18. Danny-boy

    Does anybody have VAGCOM near Lichfield/Birmingham/Tamworth etc

    I didn't think you could code this? I'm probably wrong!!!!