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  1. Danny-boy

    18's wheel options

    I'm on ET33 at the front and they are bang flush with the arch. The ET33 on the rear will need an 8-10mm spacer to bring them flush. That's on a B7, I assume the B6 is the same.
  2. Danny-boy

    Magnetic Sump plug

    Now that is a very good point!!!!
  3. Danny-boy

    Key fob ,can I check if signal produced

    Best way to test a TV or other remote of that type is by looking at it through your mobile phone camera. It can see the IR. pretty cool really. Don't think it works on car remotes though as I think they are radio frequency based.
  4. Danny-boy

    A4 cabriolet rear window

    I thought you just got the window to the top and keep holding the switch up for 10 seconds. Resets the motor or so I'm told. Worth a try though anyway.
  5. Danny-boy

    Where sells plasti-dip

    Foliatec looks good but it's pretty expensive!!!!
  6. Danny-boy

    Is it me,or are the door mirrors different on each side???

    I know BMW mirrors differ side to side, on is at more of an angle than the other. I was so anal, I got a LHD set and used one so they were the same!!!!!
  7. Danny-boy

    ebay vcds leads great!

    I quite fancy one of these.
  8. Danny-boy

    ebay vcds leads great!

    Did it come with software mate?
  9. Danny-boy

    urgent help needed

    Hmmmm. Not sure how you would get into the boot in that case. Don't suppose you have a ski hatch in the bulkhead?
  10. Danny-boy

    Which Hids?

    I thought levelling and washers only had to work IF fitted?
  11. Danny-boy

    Which Hids?

    No, not at all Stu, I'm very interested in what you have to say. I was under the impression that H7R properly fitted and aligned would be fine, but it seems like that is not the case. I'll give it a miss now based on your advice.
  12. Danny-boy

    Which Hids?

    I understand what you are saying, but you don't know...... A - if he has properly aligned the beam B - if he is using the more restricted H7R in the reflector headlights. I wouldn't like to think that people get dissuaded from fitting HID's just because some people can't fit them properly...
  13. Danny-boy

    Which Hids?

    I'm still considering some H7R's in my B7 (reflector headlights), contrary to everything I have read about legalities. I'd align them very carefully and remove if they produced undue glare, but I still fancy having a go. Just not sure if the H7R bulbs will fit in my headlight as the beam cap...
  14. Danny-boy

    Looking At New Alloys. Opinions please! :)

    Looks ace mate. I'm going to buy myself some shortly. How much did you pay for them?
  15. Danny-boy

    Looking At New Alloys. Opinions please! :)

    Anybody know where to buy these around the et35 mark in 18's? Preferably in grey? Cheers
  16. Danny-boy

    Which carbon fibre vinyl material

    I think that looks awesome.