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  1. Danny-boy

    Car Allowance - How does it work??

    I get a £4250 car allowance and can claim business mileage at 45p per mile, excluding commuting. We have no restrictions on the age or value of the car. Some companies insist on a car to be 3 years old maximum, but mine don't. I just treat it as part of my wage, and always have done.
  2. Danny-boy

    car value

    Auto trader is usually the best place bud, or Pistonheads.
  3. Danny-boy

    Just Eat

    I use them all the time.
  4. Danny-boy

    Thatcher's dead...

    Well, I thought she was awesome. She made mistakes, but overall I think she had a very positive "reign". My thoughts go out to her family.
  5. Danny-boy

    Road Rage advice needed... to report or keep shtum?

    He had long hair and was wearing a flowery shirt.
  6. Danny-boy

    Road Rage advice needed... to report or keep shtum?

    I'd report, he won't have your address. If it goes to court, I doubt very much that you would be called to give evidence due to the CCTV footage.
  7. Danny-boy

    Plasti dip extinct??

    It hasn't, I got some a month or so ago. As soon as they get it, it sells out within a couple of days. You can pre-order too, which is probably why it sells out so quick.
  8. Danny-boy

    Plasti dip extinct??

    Last time I ordered, I called PD UK to ask when their next stock is due. Anybody asked the question?
  9. Danny-boy

    Plasti dip extinct??

    Can we not buy some from the US? Are Plasti-dip UK out of stock again? Dan
  10. Danny-boy


    And it doesn't work I Tapatalk at all!!!
  11. Danny-boy

    What do you do for a job?

    I am an electrical building services engineer.
  12. Danny-boy

    Another boiler question!

    Our commercial boiler is covered by British Gas for a very reasonable sum.
  13. Danny-boy

    Another boiler question!

    Get a service contract on it, and they won't notice the timer losing time during the 15 minute pre-contract inspection. Wait 2 weeks, then claim.
  14. Danny-boy

    Organ donor register

    I'm in for everything.
  15. Danny-boy

    POF singles party being held in Birmingham,

    Lol. I'm now married, but I met lots of young ladies on POF. Awesome, great memories.