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  1. Pii

    Most expensive mini ever?!

    43k new? what the? Strange, but I quite like it....
  2. Pii

    Thinking about driving like a d**k????

    Did you look more carfully even on your right of way then?
  3. Pii

    Rare Fire Tornado!

    Devastated everything thing its path like something out of a movie.
  4. Pii

    Thinking about driving like a d**k????

    Did anyone drive slower this morning after seeing this video? Yes and no answers please.
  5. Pii

    Driving Licence Renewal.

    You guys again! You make my day sometimes :friends:
  6. Pii

    Knight Rider.... gone wrong!

    Holy..... wow....
  7. Pii

    Word Association Game .. . . .

  8. Pii

    Word Association Game .. . . .

  9. Pii


    Congrats Nigel - Give our regards to Marta and Isaabella.
  10. Pii

    A bit of random anything..

    Can't believe this thread is still alive... Almost seems like dedicated blog for Crazy now lol.
  11. Pii

    software help.

    - Do you know what the restore procedure is for dell? - Is the disc correct? If you need to boot from disc (kick start the restore process when the machine is turned on) then you need to ensure that you have set the machine to actually to this as Consilo says. To set the machine to 'boot...
  12. Pii

    A bit of random anything..

    because the dish ran away with the spoon
  13. Pii

    Word Association Game .. . . .

  14. Pii

    Where is everyone today?

    Wondering if everyone is doing last minute mods/detailing for AITP! It's running right now as I type so I wonder anyone has been caught out by this....
  15. Pii

    A bit of random anything..

    I don't think so! Or maybe it's just the rest of the female population isn't normal....... yup I think I've just cracked it. How's training?
  16. Pii

    A bit of random anything..

    Sarah is one cool chick :icon_thumright:
  17. Pii

    A bit of random anything..

    Let's look at this from the other side of the fence. What would you do Sarah if you was the wife in the joke?
  18. Pii

    Seems a little excessive?!

    That's quite interesting sidibear.... it certainly worked. Did you see how fragile the pensioner looked as he was dragged away from his car?
  19. Pii

    A bit of random anything..

    lol - how about you come home late one night, half drunk, with a younger and more attractive lady claiming she is your colleague and you guys had an emergency meeting?
  20. Pii

    A bit of random anything..

    LMAO.... I don't envy you Crazy. Maybe a 'bitch slap to the ground' approach would change her attitute? Willing to chance it?