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  1. nezhayley

    Thinking of selling the s1

    ive had my s1 now for 3 years And im thinking of selling. I have been shopping about for a new car and i have an offer i cant turn down. Im thinking of buying another s1, i love the car and its perfect for what i need/want so i thought why not. Im may be putting an order in for a sepang blue...
  2. nezhayley

    Front right dipped bulb malfunction

    Take it too your local audi dealer.its covered under warranty.
  3. nezhayley

    S1 Spotters thread

    It could possibly be me,was it black with silver roof?? 15plate??
  4. nezhayley

    What have you done today?

    Rang audi to book my car in.....again. Esc fault now, seems to pop up when its wet so hopefully a faulty sensor.
  5. nezhayley

    S1 Insurance

    I was insured with AA for £560 this month they tried to double it,so i went on go compare, im now insured with 1stcentral £480.
  6. nezhayley

    Left dipped light malfunction

    Just an update on the problem with my head light. Took it in yesterday for the xenon to be changed,which IS covered under warranty,and still didnt work.had to have the whole head light swapped.all sorted and working again now.great service from nottingham audi.
  7. nezhayley

    Left dipped light malfunction

    Just been looking on audi website and you could well be right,under the warranty t&c's it states all xenon/discharge lamps and led's are covered for the life time of the warranty.
  8. nezhayley

    Left dipped light malfunction

    Had this pop up today and my left dipped light is out. Anyone have any idea how much they are to replace and are they easy enough to replace??
  9. nezhayley

    S1 seats

    Recaro made some great seats for the astra gtc vxr.they would have been a great addition to the s1,i would have specd them if it was an option
  10. nezhayley

    Hit and run in asda

    well as the title suggests,some one drove into my car and drove off. Does anybody know where i stand with this? Asda have said they wont view the footage,the police dont some interested in following it where do i stand?? Any advice would be great.
  11. nezhayley

    Service costs - good deal?

    I did ask that question and they said its oil change,filters and spark plugs. I was expecting alot more to honest.
  12. nezhayley

    Service costs - good deal?

    My car is due its second service,only done 15k just had a price from nottingham audi inc parts/lab/vat came in at £243.30
  13. nezhayley

    S1 sport back as a daily

    I use my s1 sb as a daily and it does me fine,but its just me the wife and a 9 year will struggle to get two small cases in the boot.i have always had to put one in the boot and one on the rear seat.same with shopping,if you do a big shop you will be using the rear seats as the boot is...
  14. nezhayley

    S1 Spotters thread

    Blue S1 spotted on the a453 near clifton campus at 6:20 tonight
  15. nezhayley

    My new S1!

    As said above just reset the tyre pressures and get the tyre checked just incase. As for the seat i thought the same when i first got mine,then i found if the push the seat forward then lift the latch it moves fine,its like its locked in place.
  16. nezhayley

    S1 Spotters thread

    Spotted this little beast in nottingham,park near the tram stop,pheonix park
  17. nezhayley

    Map update

    Well after speaking to audi,the sd card update is £280.more than a service.
  18. nezhayley

    Where is everyone (S1)

    Im in nottingham,i have only seen two other s1's local too me and ive had mine for over a year now so pretty rare round here
  19. nezhayley

    Map update

    I cant enlighten you yet as im waiting on audi emailing me back about it.just wonder myself if any body else had the email or had the update.
  20. nezhayley

    Map update

    has anybody else had an email off audi about updating there maps?? L