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  1. Matt6494

    A1 Air-conditioning Condenser Failure

    Just had my A1 in for an Aircon service and was told the condenser has a hole it and will need replacing for circa £600! I've read a couple of posts form 2014 about this being a known issue. Has anyone else had hhis problem and if so what did you pay to get it fixed? Thanks
  2. Matt6494

    Puddle Lights A1

    No worries, really simple to fit you just need to prise the old ones out gently with a thin flat head screwdriver or Stanley knife and plug the new ones in.
  3. Matt6494

    Puddle Lights A1

    Bit late to the party but my girlfriend bought me these for Christmas and they're great at a fraction of the cost that I would imagine OEM ones would cost...
  4. Matt6494

    Strange Noise on Start/Stop Activation

    Hi Everyone, Hoping you can help with a wierd noise my car is making. When the start/stop activates, and sometimes when I start the car when it is cold and it idles at about 1100rpm rather than 1000rpm it's makes an odd noise. The best way I can describe it is that it sounds like a cow moo...
  5. Matt6494

    A1 sat nav

    Does anyone know if updating is as simple as getting hold of a newer SD card once it's all activated and working? Or do you have to go back to Audi? What I mean is can I pop out my 2016 SD and pop in a 2017 SD without any issues, or is it the physical SD card that needs activation rather than...
  6. Matt6494

    BiTdi A1?

    I can't see how it would handle any differently to the regular diesel, can't be that much heavier surely they've just bolted on another turbo? It may have a more narrow power band but 370nm in the S1 and 500nm in the new BiTdi could partially make up for this. The new Tiguan is quoted at 6.3...
  7. Matt6494

    BiTdi A1?

    I know it's unlikely but the new Tiguan has just been released with a 2.0l BiTdi engine putting out 240ps. Does anyone think we might see this engine in the next A1 iteration, or would it be too much of a S1 competitor? The same power with better mpg. Or would it even fit? Just an interesting...
  8. Matt6494

    A1 emission update

    Has anyone else had their emissions update done? Since mine my mpgs have dropped noticeably from an all time average of 50, but recently 54-55 to 47-48 over the last 3 tanks of fuel since the update. Anyone think Audi will do anything about this?
  9. Matt6494

    Clutch on the way out already?

    I've just hit 33,000 miles in my 2.0tdi A1 and I think the clutch is on the way out. It squeals on cold mornings until the engine has warmed up and slips (well at least I think this is what a slipping clutch is) sometimes when in 5th or 6th and trying to accelerate from lower revs. Does anyone...
  10. Matt6494

    A1 Sat Nav

    You can't add Satnav via VCDS as it needs to be activated by Audi. Unless you're talking about actually installing the screen?
  11. Matt6494

    A1 Retro-fit Folding Mirrors

    So I've got a good quote from the parts request system for a new set. My only question is do I need new door control units? The very nice chap who did the parts request quote said he could only find 1 mirror control module and it's the one I already have, but I thought there was a difference in...
  12. Matt6494

    audi s line sat nav

    Unfortunately not. You can shop around as some dealers are cheaper than others but Audi need to 'activate' the satnav so even if you find a cheap SD card with the maps on you'll still need to go in and get it activated by Audi. Alternatively check the cars description of you bought it from a...
  13. Matt6494

    How long does your start/stop stay off for?

    Is it a diesel or a petrol? I find mine stops working a couple of days before my DPF regen light comes on then goes back to being perfectly fine.
  14. Matt6494

    A1 Retro-fit Folding Mirrors

    Thanks! Yeah I've found them before but can't justify £850 for mirrors! Especially when they pop up on Ebay now and then for £250 for a set.
  15. Matt6494

    A1 Retro-fit Folding Mirrors

    I know you can get them coded to fold on locking using VCDS
  16. Matt6494

    Stage 2 remap a1 tfsi

    I would say that the revo garage was more likely to be correct. The intercooler in the 1.4 isn't huge by any means so it wouldn't surprise me if going stage 2 meant upgrading it. I'm sure you could run stage 2 software without the extra upgrades but you a) wouldn't get the advertised figures...
  17. Matt6494

    Dtuk fitting guide

  18. Matt6494

    Dtuk fitting guide

    I'm afraid not, I'm down in the South West. Thanks for the offer though! But that's good to hear it can be connected from the top. The boost sensor is down the front somewhere isn't it?
  19. Matt6494

    Dtuk fitting guide

    Does anyone have a fitting guide for the 2.0TDI engine in the A1 they could post up. I've read differing things about whether or not it's possible to fit it without taking the undertray off. I don't have ramps or a particularly friendly garage local so ideally I'd like to fit it without having...
  20. Matt6494

    A1 Retro-fit Folding Mirrors

    Hi guys, New to the forum. Does anyone know of a company in the South West that can retro-fit folding door mirrors. Thanks!