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  1. jonmusicman

    New piccies of car -eventually

    I've got a B7 in the same colour, same wheels and same chrome mirrors (but lets not start that discussion again). It looks great!
  2. jonmusicman

    Short Shifter kit

    try this link for help...
  3. jonmusicman

    mirrors, chrome or matt finish? Any photo's

    Easy... chrome any day See pics
  4. jonmusicman

    Re-sizing pictures

    You said it's Coral Photoshop 6. Do you mean Adobe Photoshop 6 or Paintshop Pro 6?
  5. jonmusicman

    Body kit

    That's great. Many thanks!!!
  6. jonmusicman

    Body kit

    I totally agree the body kit is great. I love the mesh grill and would love it for my B7 S-Line. A guy from my local Audi centre told me I cannot fit the mesh grill as I need a new bumper. I'm sure someone out there will know where I can get it. Anyone?
  7. jonmusicman

    Body kit

    Check this one out Some have said it just looks like a B7 but I think it looks even better and more aggressive. Having said that your car (if it is yours) looks great as it is
  8. jonmusicman

    Xenon Headlights - Have or have I not got them?

    An easier way of checking that everyone missed is... Have you got headlamp wash fitted? All cars with factory fitted with xenons must, by law, have headlamp wash. So my Audi dealer told me.
  9. jonmusicman

    S4 mirror caps

    I'm waiting for so In-Pro ones to arrive. They are the chrome type, I will keep you informed what they are like. I did fancy the satin ones but gave in due to the extra cost.
  10. jonmusicman

    Seen this body kit?

    Think I'll take a holiday instead
  11. jonmusicman

    Seen this body kit?

    Does anyone know were I could track down the mesh giving that RS4 look on the grill?
  12. jonmusicman

    Seen this body kit?

    Have a look at this body kit, it looks stunning!!! What do you think?
  13. jonmusicman

    My Rieger kit finally fitted

    You know what would also set it off really well not that is doesn't already? Satin or chrome mirrors. As you have large wheels you would get away with it, it won't look OTT??? I will have a mess on Photoshop for you
  14. jonmusicman

    My Rieger kit finally fitted

    Looks very nice!!!
  15. jonmusicman

    S6 LED driving lights ???

    Hi, just to let you know I picked up an In-Pro catalogue at the Auto Sport show last Sunday. They do a range of lights for some Audi's. They don't list these lights as yet but you can bet they will do some time. Why not drop them an email?
  16. jonmusicman

    Retro-fitting DIC & Cruise control

    I've just had cruise fitted by an Audi dealer it cost about £250 all in. I was quite impressed with this price??? They did a full valet of the car as well!!!
  17. jonmusicman

    Good A4 site

    I was having a search round the web last night and this site... it has loads of advice and photos etc. Take a look!
  18. jonmusicman

    Possible problem with Going-Fast aluminium mirrors

    How do they fit on? Are they easy to fit?
  19. jonmusicman

    Heated mirrors

    I think they come on with the rear de-mister but I'm not sure???
  20. jonmusicman

    Urgent heater problems

    I've been told today that it could be the water pump as the early ones had a plastic fan to draw the water????? Does anyone know if this is correct? Would the water pump stop the heater sending warm air around the car? Cheers