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  1. Matt6494

    Mr JWW’s ABT Upgrade

    How much was it start to finish including labour and everything if you don't mind me asking? Did you need any other upgrades apart from the ABT module and the springs, such as intercooler or air intake?
  2. Matt6494

    What dashcam are people using?

    Does the DDPAI have a parking mode do you know, couldn't see anything on their website about it? How are you finding it, any signs of overheating aft a week? Also do they do a rear camera or would you just have to buy two?
  3. Matt6494

    s1 aluminium gear knob

    I got mine from the parts request section on this forum. The dealer had the full range of stitching colours too. I paid £132 which isn't cheap, but once you get it it's worth every penny. Here's the link to my original request in the parts section in case you want to get in touch with the guy...
  4. Matt6494

    450 bhp S1

    The new 525 turbo from TTE will fit it apparently, they've tuned their Golf R to 550ps with stock engine components. It is £3500 for the turbo new though! A 550ps S1 would be mental though!