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  1. gogz s3

    Big Quattro grill badge

    Does anybody have any idea where I could buy one? Got mine on ebay, get them from
  2. gogz s3

    Big Quattro grill badge

    I like it on mine. :D :p
  3. gogz s3

    The Ultimate Driving Machine? M135i v RS3

    That was a very interesting read Mark, thanks for that. It beat you on MPG though. :no:
  4. gogz s3

    RS3 meet Sunday March 17th........

    Great pics guys, looks like everyone had a good time. More pics to follow?
  5. gogz s3

    50 Shades of RS3 – An alternative story for the RS3 challenge.

    I like a good story. especially with pictures. :yes:
  6. gogz s3

    Dieselly Poo - my Ode to the replica set

    FPMSL :laugh: This just made my Sunday morning :applaus: