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    a4 i.8 uneven idle

    ive got a 98 A4 1,8 manual and it seems to have a problem idling. If you blip the accelarator it revs as normal but as the revs come down they drop below the normal limit and it feels as thought he car wants to stall. It however doesnt stall but compensates and boosts the revs back up to normal...
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    Cheers, just ordered all the parts for it from vag parts and should have it done by the weekend.
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    Thanks, I have replaced one on an S3 in the past without any instructions. Just that Elsa said rotate crank for some weird reason. old off and new on.
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    A qucik question toanyone who has personally replaced a cambelt: Im currently changing one on a 98 A4 and currently stripping the front of the car down. Having set the crankshaft and camshaft pulley's to their correct marked positions. Do i just slip the old belt off and refit it? Just...
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    maf torx screwdriver

    Yep thats right. the ones i have seen are in a kit fitted to a rail. Silverline tools i think at £9.99
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    maf torx screwdriver

    Security torx is what they are known as. You can buy a set of these from Halfrauds for about £10. IIRC it should be a T20
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    flip key blades??

    Hi, if your after the blank blade that fits into the fob then drop me a pm if you havent already got one by now.
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    A6 service lights

    Friend has an A6 2.4SE MY99 and needs o know how to reset the service oil light. Is there a way of resetting this without taking it to the dealer? Help appreciated
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    Service reset lights

    HI There and welcome to the forum im sure u will have a good time on here with us nut cases ( yes i mean all) Firstly Ryabusha, if u have got a 2003 model car WHY Oh WHY did u go to a non franchised dealer?? wasnt ur original dealer good enough? Did someone advise u to do this? Doing so can...
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    Ur going to need to get it reprhrammed, its a simple straight forward swap. make sure they have te same engine codes.
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    Those f****** b****** DV hose clips... Help!

    when u remove the clips they have a number printed on them, this is the size of the clip. U can order them from vag parts but make sure u give them a good description of where u removed them from. Oh and they cost pennies.
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    Those f****** b****** DV hose clips... Help!

    Ive never had a problem removing those special clips on my car, Use a wire cutter and try to 'peel' back the clip so it unclips from its 3 lugs and unwind it. Simple !! And ive always replaced my clips with originals so to keet it looking OEM and untampered. Ive got a special tool for that and a...
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    What can knock a knock sensor?

    Dont rule out the the Lamda sensors either !! They are crucial in the emissions and economy setting for the car.
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    What can knock a knock sensor?

    Erm, i dont know too much about these knock sensors but from what your said about loose ancilleries its very concievable that it is the case. After all the knock sensor i believe is specically designed to monitor 'knock' or noise in the engine in that region but if there is external noise from...
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    New interior required

    See how u get on at the scrapyard, but u'll be lucky if u can find a mint alacantra leather trim going cheap! A place near me dyes and sells all kinds of leathers and another place i know of can fit it for you onto ur old seat frame.