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  1. spartacus68

    Front rear upper ball joint

    Glad you got it sorted. You want to go easy on the strut knuckle, especially the aperture with chisels. It’s just corrosion that holds it. Run a drill brass wire brush on it once it’s out, including 3M sandpaper rolled up for the holes and wash down with liberal spray of brake cleaner. Coat the...
  2. spartacus68

    Front rear upper ball joint

    Air hammer will remove it. It will be wedged solid with corrosion. I was changing a coil spring on B8 in the summer and the plumes of aluminium oxide corrosion when using the air hammer was a sight to behold! There is an indent I think on arms that the needle tool can fit into.
  3. spartacus68

    CV joint replacement advice and other recommendations?

    I personally can't see the point of replacing the entire driveshaft. New CV shafts and controversially not GKN rubber boots. Don't get me wrong the GKN boot kits look the dog's dangles but I found cracking on the rubber after just a couple of years. I go main dealer for the boots.
  4. spartacus68

    New Springs, saggy backend

    Not sure how that will help? Sport springs are likely to drop the car 15mm compared to standard SE specification, so if you go down that route you will need to look at front set up too. When you say, saggy backside, has it been carrying heavy loads, broken ends of springs? Personally I'd keep...
  5. spartacus68

    DPF new rules coming to the MOT from May 2017

    It's long overdue. Don't get me wrong, DPF and EGR issues are the stuff of nightmares, but hopefully it forces the issue and gets rid of the cut and shut brigade.
  6. spartacus68

    REVIEW- ebay seller rsbody panels new wings! yay!

    Very nice job. I resprayed the wings on my B5 Quattro twice, but once the corrosion starts its very difficult to stop. Pre-painted wings is the way to go.
  7. spartacus68

    Best place to sell..

    Just sold by B5 Quattro avant. I put it on the classifieds on Audi Sport, local newspaper online site, and Gumtree. Be realistic on price, post plenty pictures, and list good and negative points. Genuine buyers will understand what they are buying, as its already a niche market.
  8. spartacus68

    Are most of the B6'ers moving on now? What did you go for?

    I know this is for B6s, but the B5 site is like Dodge City after a gun fight. I'm in the same predicament. 175k miles on my A4 Amtrak, needs timing belt and water pump later this year. While I'm at it, lower arms needs re-done. Cut corners and should have used Meyle HD kit. You live and learn...
  9. spartacus68


    Any of the Halfords battery chargers are fine on trickle mode. Not a fan of the jump-start versions. If a battery is losing charge and the electrolyte levels are fine it's probably goosed. Just changed the battery on the A4 and A2 this year (both originals) after 14-15 years!
  10. spartacus68

    full suspension set sold on ebay

    If you fit these Chinese EBay parts your A4 will be rattling like a box of spanners in under a year. It's not worth the effort given the labour and tracking costs afterwards. Fit genuine Meyle HD or Lemforder, nothing else.
  11. spartacus68

    How are your B6's doing with corrosion?

    I'm genuinely surprised the bleed'n roof is rusting. I know the wings are a sore point (welcome to the B5 club), but it's isolated. I get the occasional bubble near the screen, but nothing compared to you guys. The door lugs rust, but that's down to the the design. Remove the lower trim and...
  12. spartacus68

    S4 - Driveshaft inner bolt size

    Yes, the top bolts on the heat shield are a tight squeeze. I can't remember how I did them, but it probably was with an oversized bit. Regards getting the driveshaft out. If you don't want to contemplate shifting the pinch bolt (good opportunity to grease it after removal) then try removing the...
  13. spartacus68

    question about suspension Audi A4 B6 Avant 2.5tdi not qautro

    The RS4 in B5 guise is a true classic. You've got the same engine as me (AKN). Great engines, and will easily top 250k miles. Renew oil (Castrol Edge 5w30) and filter every 10k miles and the timing belt every 80k or 5 years along with a genuine Audi thermostat and water pump and it will run...
  14. spartacus68

    New purchase... B6 2.5tdi Quattro

    Some folk opt to pull the rear diff out to do the seals. Working under a ton and half of car seems to have that effect! Then steam clean, etc. Replacing seals: Renewing gear oil...
  15. spartacus68

    New purchase... B6 2.5tdi Quattro

    It could very well be the rear diff, but you really need to check it. Low fluid will increase wear on the internal gears, so over time the wear becomes sloppy. New seals and new oil won't save it. Only way to tell is to pull the plug and see the quantity of gear oil that comes out. Always pull...
  16. spartacus68

    Chirping after start up.

    Sounds like the batteries in the alarm siren have gone. It's possible to retro-fit if you open siren module and are handy with soldering iron. Did the same thing on my B5 but still have issues with damn thing going off so I disconnected. Will need to connect to VAGcom to read codes.
  17. spartacus68

    Hub and wheel bearings

    Just make sure you're fitting quality kit. FAG bearings, etc. You only want to do this job once.
  18. spartacus68

    Front tyre wear

    Assuming everything is spot on suspension wise using quality kit such as Meyle HD or equivalent? Quattros have a tendency to crab on tight turns, but that's normal. It's not lowered is it? Out of interest, what are the tyres? I ran a set of Vredestein tyres on a B5 Quattro. Great tyres, but way...
  19. spartacus68

    Front brakes binding A4 B6 1.9TDI

    Replacing the brake fluid is a good move, but a brake dismantle including regreasing the slider pins will pay dividends. If the rubber dust sleeves are torn or there's any corrosion on the sliders, then a rebuild kit including new piston 'o' ring and rubber sleeves may be on the cards. You can...
  20. spartacus68

    suspension arm replacement 1.9 tdi

    In my experience it's easier doing this job with the strut out. Consider getting Meyle HD arms which come with a 4 year warranty. Regards the pinch bolt. Forget WD40. Get Duck Oil penetrating release on it now. Prior to doing the job wire brush it and ensure the bolt is spotless. The nut...