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  1. GeorgieMcC

    Retrofit Sat Nav +

    Hello sir! I thought it was you (from TSN) ;-)
  2. GeorgieMcC

    Retrofit Sat Nav +

    S8Craig, are you CraigyB on other sites? Can 2 Craig's be so good with this kind of stuff?
  3. GeorgieMcC

    Seeking advice re 2003 4.2 LWB should help!
  4. GeorgieMcC

    A8 / A8 Sport HELP please!

    The Sports have Recaro seats/18" wheels etc. Theres a buyers guide on and I'll pm you another site.
  5. GeorgieMcC

    My new D3 Audi A8!

    Luv'ly mota. G'luck!
  6. GeorgieMcC

    S8 smells Fuel...??!!!

    Who did the work? There are seals to be replaced when refitting the feul pump...
  7. GeorgieMcC

    Audi A8 car hire?

    I had someone drive into to me some time ago. The stealer doing the repair put me on to a company called swift. I'll try to find some info. Gatwick Audi had summit going on too some time ago?
  8. GeorgieMcC

    s8 on 7 pots

    Email Paul Waterloo from his site. He may know?
  9. GeorgieMcC

    CD Mulitchanger Fault

    Have a word with Ska on . He changed his complete system to an Alpine(?), inc the CD changer. He later found that the OE changer is an Alpine unit, he may have his old one still (dont forget my 35%!).
  10. GeorgieMcC

    Noise from the drive axe/gearbox?
  11. GeorgieMcC

    A8 ABS light
  12. GeorgieMcC

    Oh Poo!

    Its seems its likely to be a dry ball joint/bush!
  13. GeorgieMcC

    Oh Poo!

    I've had a listen from outside whilst the wife drove. Its a creaking coming from somewhere the otherside of the front wheel. I've had the pads out and splashed a bit of copper grease about, as the creak goes as the brakes start to bite. I'm not sure that this is the trouble tho? :(
  14. GeorgieMcC

    Oh Poo!

    Our 8 is making a rubbing/groaning noise going over bumps/wiggling steering wheel side to side around the straight ahead position/on and off the throttle at low speed. The wierd thing is, it only seems to do it when the fuel is low? The 8 has just passed an MOT... Can anyone help? Edit...
  15. GeorgieMcC

    s8 wiper mechanism broke or might have summit, they're breakers....
  16. GeorgieMcC

    Anybody have a 3.7 V8 A8????

    Oh! In that case no. It has a coil for each sparkplug?
  17. GeorgieMcC

    S8 Ronal 18" Alloys

    Agreed on both points. The pic is from google as an early 'S'. No ally door mirror caps etc, and way to small to see details.... Sorry!
  18. GeorgieMcC

    S8 Ronal 18" Alloys

    Did the 'S' ever come wi'them? I thought they were off the sport! Edit: Not the biggest pic! ;o)
  19. GeorgieMcC

    Anybody have a 3.7 V8 A8????

    1 = I think that Audi moved on from that. 2 = 15mpg. We trundle to Tesco's-n-back in it. Can get 24-34mpg on the motorways. Have been known to coax 40mpg @ about 50-55mph, but thats not an average....Just get a 4.2 and be done wi'it! 3 = WHF (are you talkin'bout hub caps?) ;-)
  20. GeorgieMcC

    Foubd this and thought of you S8 boys

    Yeah, the run-out S's were a "Ltd Editions". It got worse than that too!