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  1. Pii

    Newbie. Greetings All!

    lol you need to put the link inside i.e.
  2. Pii

    Hello from Munich

    Some crazy yet impressive ICE going on in the car. I imagine the sound turns heads!! Even though it's not OEM I quite like the custom facial with the two cupholders! Good stuff. Look forward to seeing what you do to your car and :sign_welcome:
  3. Pii

    Newbie Scotland

    :sign_welcome: Sl33p
  4. Pii

    ASN Virgin

    Hi All Thought I would upload a picture of my pride and joy. Any views on the color? Not the best pic but I'll get round to taking proper pics one day!
  5. Pii


    Very impressive work!
  6. Pii

    Hello .... Again!!

    Congratulations! Give us the details!
  7. Pii

    ASN Virgin

    All Just purchased a 56 plate S3 and gladly stumbled onto this forum. Excellent posts, fantastic information on many topics, detailed retrofit guides and a lot of knowleable individuals. Seems like the right place to be in! Thought i should pay my respects by saying hello before launching into...