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  1. Masterm8fo

    iPad 2 questions

    i use numbers and its very good dont bother with laptop anymore - and with iCloud it syncs between ipad and iphone its a struggle to begin with and really not natural but once you get used to it very good ! no idea on the others,,
  2. Masterm8fo

    Bose Cinemate gs ii

    Bose outlet ashford or is there one in Bicester ?
  3. Masterm8fo

    3D Tv

    I got it and its a great TV 3D is good - it is a bit gimicky....but......i watched Saw 3D last night and was very good. Am waiting for Avatar 3D to arrive which is sposed to be awesome. Technology moves quicly...that we cannot avoid....but if you are after fairly decent set I think they...
  4. Masterm8fo

    The "TV" thread (LCD/Plasma/LED). Post pics.

    I used to have B&W speakers..loved them....
  5. Masterm8fo

    The "TV" thread (LCD/Plasma/LED). Post pics.

    A soon as its done ! its all gonne be white gloss so fingers crossed it is up to scratch. Im getting this TV tomorrow in lieu of the faulty toshiba. :-))) No cost to myself ! SAMSUNG UE46D6530 46" Full HD LED 3D TV | Dixons |
  6. Masterm8fo

    3D Tv

    im getting a Samsung 3D tomorrow ! il let you know what its like SAMSUNG UE46D6530 46" Full HD LED 3D TV | Dixons | its a replacement for a faulty set that I bought 3 years ago and manufacturer is wearing total cost :-)
  7. Masterm8fo

    PS3 question, thinking of buying.

    its not great for surfin the web in my opinion.
  8. Masterm8fo

    The "TV" thread (LCD/Plasma/LED). Post pics.

    I got a 46 inch Toshiba XF355DB - nice LED TV with v. thin frame but soon to be replaced (At Toshiba's expense) with Samsung 3D as its developed a fault (grrrrr) Bose Lifestyle surround sound system with Jewel Cube speakers Sky+ HD PS3 No pics as having a media unit built under my stairs...
  9. Masterm8fo

    O2 upgrade advice.

    I'm in same boat and just changed to simplicity 100 on 02. It's 10.50 for 100 mins per month and another 6 quid for 'all-rounder' bolt-on wifi/data. 16.50 all in and cancel at a months notice. Il get iphone5 when it's out- prob buy outright, eBay my 3GS (currently goin for c. 200) and then...
  10. Masterm8fo

    i-pad price help...

    too late now...but anyone else thinking of buying one...they are much much cheaper in **** (thailand, singapore) so if you know anyone going...get them to buy on your behalf. I got 64gb wi-fi white for around GBP420 - saving of GBP140.
  11. Masterm8fo

    i-pad price help...

    Buy wi-fi only and tether it to iPhone (or similar) by b/tooth if you only will use on road occasionally. iPad will be cheaper and only need one contract then