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    What’s the engine, and do you have a recording of it?
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    B8 A4 Allroad Understeer

    Darkside do RS4 rear anti-roll bar upgrade (22.5mm) for £180.
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    allroad discontinued

    I hadn't heard that. I just checked Audi's site so A4 and A6 Allroad availble to configure and build. I know that by 2026 they are looking to phase out combustion engines including hybrids and switch to electric only, possibly continuing with combustion engines for Chinese market after 2033...
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    Hidden features??

    I'm assuming what you mean with what you mean by hidden features is to reveal programming options with VCDS (VAG group software for service and diagnostics) where you can programme or code new things such as tachometer needle sweep on start up, enable rear light clusters to be on with front...
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    audi a4 2008 SE

    So it pulls like a train, then hopefully the clutch is fine. You can test by pulling away in 3rd gear. I'd also be looking at engine mounts, also the central bearing carrier on the quattro prop-shaft for play. The gearbox and rear diff are meant to be sealed for life units, but if you get to...
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    A4 Allroad Auto - Cruise has stopped working

    Good news Steve, I haven't heard of cruise control issues on the B8 platform, whether it's an Allroad or not, so just curious. If it was still an issue I'd be looking to scan the car with VCDS to reveal more information, incidentally that fault will be stored if you get it scanned in future...
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    A4 Allroad Auto - Cruise has stopped working

    Did you ever get this resolved?
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    Instead of a fault code reader, any chance you can get it scanned with VCDS, in case it's something a little more sensitive? Interesting you've had the timing belt and water pump done recently. Ideally if you can talk to the mechanic if there was anything unusual about the change. With car in...
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    Newbie looking for advice re front fog/drive lamps

    The B8.5 (still had fog lights) finished in 2015. Fog lights visually are quite nice, but honestly add very little practicality to the car. What's the main headlights, LED or Xenon? If you say halogen, then sell the car now! If you want more low level road illumination, what about retro fitting...
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    New Daytime Running Lights (DRLs)

    Nice job.
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    Buyers guide for A4 Allroad

    The market has changed quite a bit, even in the 2 years I've had mine. You've the Volkswagen cheat software to thank for that and the continued demonisation of diesels, so prices have dropped. Heated seats were only a £300 option, and if it's Alcantara leather you can actually get away without...
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    Buyers guide for A4 Allroad

    One other thing I noticed is LED tail lights. My 2012 car has them which takes years off the car, but driving behind another 2012 Allroad tonight and it was conventional filament tail lights. The rear LED turn signals are very bright, safety wise.
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    Buyers guide for A4 Allroad

    These are Audi prices for 2 litres, then its £649 for a timing belt and water pump. The timing belt on its own is £495 which is false economy as car is already stripped down, and new G12 or G14 anti-freeze is a bonus. An Audi independent should be cheaper. Don't know specifics of 168bhp model...
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    Buyers guide for A4 Allroad

    Not overly familiar with 2010 model, but if it's 2.0 TDI, then 168bhp. Later models from 2012 moved to 177bhp. 3 litre V6 TDI models are relatively sought after with 242bhp, so plenty torque. Not sure when Audi Drive Select was introduced. It's on my 2012 car and nice function. Let's assume...
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    Emmission recall

    Received the letter from Audi UK for my 2.0 Allroad TDI (170bhp) requiring the emission software update. I know this topic is rumbling on, but as this relatively new-to-me A4 isn't chipped I opted for the work to be carried out. The dealer also advised the air conditioning required a software...
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    B9 allroad - any info ?

    Thought the 'Quattro-on-demand' which is basically a Haldex system on the 2.0TFSI would offer better fuel consumption? Nice to see Audi are as tight as a gnat's chuff on standard kit too. Add in any level of luxury and the price will soon jump. Sport model doesn't add significantly more kit...
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    Thinking of buying Allroad

    Had to travel all the way to nearly Southampton for this beauty, a 600 mile trip home. Worth it, as it is absolutely immaculate. Ibis white, xenon adaptive lights, panoramic roof, leather and Alcantara trim, Audi drive select, satellite navigation, Bluetooth, dual zone climate, rear parking...
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    Thinking of buying Allroad

    I'm currently driving an A4 quattro avant (aka Amtrak locomotive), 2001 B5 A4 2.5 TDI Sport. At 175k miles, it's still in its prime. However, it needs the timing belt and ancillary belts done, so that's £700 straight off, plus I probably need to refresh the front suspension arms, so that's...