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  1. Masterm8fo

    DONE ! Retrofit Seat Exeo LED RNS E Media System into A4 B7

    Same here just first few letters of track name in dis
  2. Masterm8fo

    DONE ! Retrofit Seat Exeo LED RNS E Media System into A4 B7

    Doug I have older version in 09 car but I also have directions in DIS display FYI,
  3. Masterm8fo

    DONE ! Retrofit Seat Exeo LED RNS E Media System into A4 B7

    i would happily pay for that if it worked/is ever released.... i like RNSE and only downside is not being able to put in full postcodes
  4. Masterm8fo

    Trying to find the right car is ****** hard!

    Iv had an A3 t sport and now A4. They were both first cars I looked at/test drove. Guess I am impulsive!
  5. Masterm8fo

    Quality LED No error plate lights?

    I ordered from the german tuning site (i forget the name) anyways expensive version of the ebay jobs and they also threw up codes. I had to put in some resistors and all working fine for me. I would do the front DRL for LED bulbs...but its too tight in there for me to know where to put the...
  6. Masterm8fo

    Help needed coding near dartford

    If anyone can help me out on this in the coming 2 weeks would be most grateful. Sanspeed want 120 quid to tick the box - cheaper for me to buy the software myself....
  7. Masterm8fo

    Help needed coding near dartford

    Will reward with beer
  8. Masterm8fo

    Help needed coding near dartford

    Can someOne please help I need to code my car today or tomorrow for puddle light install. Dartford area Cheers
  9. Masterm8fo

    Cruise retro-fit by DannyKn9

    Just had this fitted by DannyKn9 from the A3 section. Top bloke and good quick install at my house Highly recommended- Many thanks. No idea why Sanspeed told me needs binary coding that takes hours to do as just used vcds. Alll sorted - now for my light pack....
  10. Masterm8fo

    Cruise Control on 09 B7 - Binary Long Coding ?

    Does anyone know much about this ? I just called Sanspeed, Bexley and told they cant do it and would have to go to main dealer. I wanna get cruise control and seen correct stalk and cowling at v good price. Thanks,
  11. Masterm8fo


    Thats nothing.....I recently reinsured with Admiral.... Now they sent me initial renewal offer that was 250 above last years renewal price.. In the year just gone I managed to win an additional 3 points so now on 9pts and turned 30. So I went online and checked out the...
  12. Masterm8fo


    Just fitted Dectanes and gave me error codes They look to be identical to the ones from ebay for 30 quid that i already tried......bit disappointing...
  13. Masterm8fo

    Audi bexley damaged my car now trying to get out of it

    OK I am happy as all is being fixed after escalating my complaint to dealer principle...shudnt have had to get to that but there you go. I think Il be going back to Sanspeed next time though..
  14. Masterm8fo


    damn GBP ! hehe Decatane list them as inclusive of tax...then add tax at checkout and a chunky shipping charge...
  15. Masterm8fo

    Audi bexley damaged my car now trying to get out of it

    I paid 320 for first service,,,which really is just an oil change and quoted as 1.75 hours my problem with them has become more complicated and I am waiting to speak with them tomorrow - an additional problem I must say I should not mention until they have chance to remedy I still had to...
  16. Masterm8fo


    The ebay ones didnt work for me so sent em back Dectanes are on way to me....really expensive..49.75 just charged to my bank after Euro conversion... Doug. P - Not sure where you got 30 quid from.. anyway..looking fwd to fitting them
  17. Masterm8fo

    Puddle and Warning Light Fitting Guide

    nice guide - what is cost of parts and codes pls ?
  18. Masterm8fo

    Modulite DRLs ?

    i believe i have B7 as they didnt do cab in B8 ? Cab went to A5 then from B8 model.. ?