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    Wheel refurb done wrong???

    amazes me in this age of taking photos of everything including your dinner that no one seems to think of snapping a pic of their mileage when leaving their car w/ someone.
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    Pothole, or not?

    to be fair she said she did, not the car :-D
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    Airport vs Home Parking?

    parked at airports many times, never an issue. simply for convenience i wouldn't consider leaving the car at home. i recall one aspect of using a taxi was a spate of people getting burgled after banter w/ the driver indicated the house would be empty for several days.
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    The £250k Car Game

    and insurance!
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    Licence Plates

    Just curious, do the cops not bother w/ enforcing these any more? there's a tw@ at work who's plate is literally half the height of a regular plate on his obvious attempt at a street racer, no way it's even close to regulation dimensions.
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    Shell "Lucky Pump Day"

    "The attendant started filling with the requested V-power" i can't recall the last place i went that wasn't self-serv.
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    New Speeding Laws "Or if you are caught going between 31 and 40mph in a 30mph zone you will get three penalty points and a fine of between 25 and 75 per cent of your...
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    Windscreen wet on inside

    had an issue w/ this sort of thing w/ previous cars in winter, when parked outside on sunny days - the windows act like a greenhouse so the car interior warmed up but the air outside was icy, so the air would condense on the cold glass, literally had to keep a roll of kitchen paper in the car to...
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    Widow Wants Cars At Husbands Funeral

    "on the 28th December" :-/
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    A fun little thing that weirded me out this morning...

    "I even looked in the user manual which is when I realised my stupidity :sweatsmile: " That's always the last step for a male :-D
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    Is Audi Extended Warranty Worth It?

    ta for the advice/opinions. i personally think - as w/ virtually everything from Audi - it's WAY overpriced. might turn out to bite my ar$e but i think i'll just put off and take it up if i start getting horrind noises from the engine or soemthing :-D
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    Is Audi Extended Warranty Worth It?

    bit disconcerting you needed all that! which version did you go for, all parts or named items, and how did it compare to my £600 a year?
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    Is Audi Extended Warranty Worth It?

    Just got an online quite out of curiousity, .£600 a year. seems a bit steep, but i'm not at the stage of them charging £60 just to look at something. any opinions?
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    Picked up this TPMS on the way home from the meet.

    would it not have been better to ask before handing the money over? looks decent enough but i wouldn't like a cable like that over my dash. not sure what the difference betwen "high temperature" and "overheating" is though?
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    Motorway Camera Flashes?

    there was a bunch of roadwork, speed was 50 mostly then a patch of 40. i know they had the markings on the road to tell the speed but as far as i know those cameras flash twice as you obviously need two pics to show the speed. might have just been average speed things triggering? like i say...
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    Motorway Camera Flashes?

    was driving on the M1 yester and in the queues i seems to see a few single blue flashes on the back of cars, was wondering what that was? i believe the motorway cameras flash twice, and these were fairly vivid blue and definitely a single flash. was crappy thundery weather so i'm wondering if it...
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    Speeding on the M25

    i do't see why 70 -> 40 is any more of an issue than normally coming off a dual carriageway or whatever. you don't have to jam the anchors on instantly, you slow as appropriate.
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    A3 Quattro blown up on day of purchase...

    glad things turned out ok, i've heard of buyer horror stories over far less things! you do kinda form an attachement to a car if it's been a good un, so i can totally sympathise about the feeling when the guy comes and drops its corpse on your drive :-(
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    toyo proxes tr1 worth it?

    potentially stupid noob query ~ could that mean they might be dubious (ie, rubber degrading etc), if they've been stacked up in a storehouse somewhere for a long time?
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    Prologue nice car, shame about the name