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  1. Dogtown22

    A good ol flat'n'polish.

    Well all finished and WOW what a difference, looks like its been resprayed ha. It's took me all weekend but definatly worth it. Just finished it off with a couple of coats of G3 Professional Resin Wax. My neighbous must think I've got a OCD, maybe I have....
  2. Dogtown22

    Scratched Front & Rear Windows - From Claying?

    Dave, you wouldn't believe the amout of cars I've had to machine because people have scratched them up using bars. The extra fine polish such as Finesse will take care of any holograms, there are anti hologram polishes out there but if you know what your doing you don't need them.
  3. Dogtown22

    Scratched Front & Rear Windows - From Claying?

    I work in a paint shop (and have done for many years, do yourself a favour and throw that claybar in the bin, they're nothing but trouble and we NEVER use them, a good mop with a maching buffer is what you want to be doing, if you cant do it yourself take it to a paint shop and have it done, If...