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  1. nezhayley


    Hi dave,i heard about this lepin lego yesterday,whats the quality of brick like compared to actual lego?? As i have seen there doing all the same sets as lego just far it worth it??
  2. nezhayley


    Me and my daughter just finished building magic kingdom.was a very good build,took approx 8hours to complete.
  3. nezhayley

    Lego I know this wont be up everybody's street but for the disney fans,ive just ordered this for my daughters birthday.we spotted it whilst in florida and she was so excited by it,cant wait to build it with her.
  4. nezhayley

    The limited edition and high end watch thread

    Heres mine,a chanel j12 marine
  5. nezhayley


    My little girl is mad for the lego friends stuff.but still i find myself building it for her,oh and she has to have it all in the living room,no space in her room for it lil
  6. nezhayley

    Stolen Audi A4 - PLEASE HELP!

    Which area of nottingham,i work all over notts so will keep my eyes peeled for you.
  7. nezhayley

    Manny/Mayweather fight

    im after the same info,if i find anything i will post up
  8. nezhayley

    Grand National

    i have gone for oscar time and first lieutenant,£5 each way.long shots but worth a bet.