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    Audi s3 8l. S2000 air filter fitted now esp and engine management light on?

    Glad you got it sorted - the MAF does help!!
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    Audi s3 8l. S2000 air filter fitted now esp and engine management light on?

    My ears are burning! Glad you're happy with it rajazed. JoeeS3 im afraid that was my only one, bought that and the previous one from ECP myself and they were red with black housing - looked much nicer than some i've seen in pics. The one i sold was brand spanking as I don't have the A3 anymore -...
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    My hopefull Exhaust thread, thanks to tony banks Leeds (review in progress)

    FOr sure the best option, sofa can wait! Im looking to get something similar done to my A3 soon - anyone know of/recommend anyone down south (Southampton Area) with the same kind of deal that Mr. Tony Banks is offering? Seems great! Enjoy it Carl, looking forward to seeing the results!
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    Must do modifications for K03/K03s AGU and AUM engines FWD cars

    Cracking Job Jardo, good to have it all in the one place... Thanks :)
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    Recommend an exhaust?

    Could you pop in a link? :)
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    Rocker cover paint colour?

    Sorry, old thread i know... What did you go for in the end, colour-wise? I want to do mine, just wondering what the best method is? Is a high-temp spray paint up to the job or not? Found some matt orange i'd like to do it with...
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    Forge TIP fitted. WOW

    Any thoughts guys?? ^^^ all good for jubilee clips now... just wondering if anyone has any wisdom as far as relocating the connection in question above to the smaller inlet near the turbo end of the AGU TIP? If not, i'll look into further detail about the bypasses that can be done to get rid of...
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    Come on down and post your mileage please

    2002 A3 AUM 119,000 Miles
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    AUM tip fitment

    Sorry to revive an old thread but i think i must have looked at every TIP related thread for AUM on here and still unsure. I have EXACTLY the same situation as you mike - i have an AGU forge TIP for my AUM engine. Just wondering how you got along with it? My bright idea was to just redirect this...
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    audi a3 boot lid doesnt close

    Yeah mine does work sometimes but not always - i think for me it is the microswitch - not that it never works, just shorts sometimes. Tends to be after heavy rain/cold weather and i pulled out the buttons and the connectors are a bit corroded too so thats what led me to my conclusion after...
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    audi a3 boot lid doesnt close
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    audi a3 boot lid doesnt close

    Have a quick search, there's many a thread on this particular issue - i have the same thing, and am yet to rectify - doing other jobs... But seems the most common reason is a broken/split rear wiper fluid pipe, leaking down to the components of the boot lid, more specifically the microswitch. As...
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    Footwell lighting, what is needed and how?

    Thanks for the pic Jay, but i gather that would be the case on the pre-facelift? Mines facelift and thus no screw there, but i've since found another thread with the interior manual and instructions on taking apart bits of the dash and console to get at various bits, and successfully done it now...
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    Footwell lighting, what is needed and how?

    Sorry to bring up an old thread, but im having a go at fitting some footwell lights now and have the same issue that DJ Troopa had above, cant find how to remove the ashtray in my AUM, as above, can't find the screw... Any wisdom people?
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    Forge TIP fitted. WOW

    Hiya guys, cheers for the bits of feedback :) SO i got one of those factory seconds TIPs too, absolutely nothing i can see wrong with it either so a steal at £75! Its an AGU TIP but my engine is AUM, however, i've read around that its no problem to fit it, despite DV and N75 being swapped...
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    A3 8l 1999 spoiler help!

    Definitely want to get this done... looking at some fleabay specials now... For those that got it painted - how much are we talking and what kind of place is best to go for a professional job? Not worth getting the paint match from somewhere are spraying myself?
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    Benjamins S2000 air filter mod.

    I LOVE the orange in your bay, Prawn... Whats the best way to paint the rocker cover and all that the way that you have it? Powder coat or will some high temp spray paint do the trick? Also, just ordered a couple of meters of 4mm Vac hose from JS performance along with the reducer i need for...
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    Benjamins S2000 air filter mod.

    Well i think that site and the ECP site always show that nasty green one in the picture, but mine arrived and was a red and black one - reading through, people have had a few variations, so i guess it's luck of the draw...
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    Benjamins S2000 air filter mod.

    Nicely done sir ;)
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    Benjamins S2000 air filter mod.

    Well i was going to give a heads up to anyone looking at getting one of the s2k filters that it was £12.90 on Eurocarparts the other day when i ordered mine - arrived today and it's the black and red one (happy days)... But having looked on the site again its back up to £18.60 so i guess i was...