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    Looking good!
  2. Pii

    Hi all! New car, few quick questions

    What a great first car! The guys have offered the best advice already so you are in good hands.
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    Really nice.. Well done mate. Have always loved the black S3s. Looks like you get a free plate with it too lol. I echo the guys here, this forum will get you bankrupt!
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    This may hurt your eyes & brains.......

    This is one epic thread! I can't believe it's still ongoing. Thanks guys!
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    chrome galore........

    I love chrome so long as it fit in well. My 2ps worth: The rears look like a cowboy job and I feel quite sorry for the light. Honestly, the visible end of the stip really isn't a clean finish to the job so with that respect I say it doesn't work. The strip on the front bottom grill looks...
  6. Pii

    Most horrible Audi ever

    Absolutely agree Dazbosss. Only thing is, I can't help but wonder if Gregstop owns the orange Audi, and that he signed up purely to show the ultimate worst Audi :sly:
  7. Pii

    Most horrible Audi ever

  8. Pii

    Treated it to a clean under the bonnet

    Indeed looks brand new. Very impressive work.
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    Can't decide ?

    The boy knows the ways :thumbsup: Agree with s3Dave: Lot's of room inside, just the process of getting in and out of the back is a pain.
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    R Tech Tuning

    Glad people have the right facts! Apologies for the wrong details.
  11. Pii

    R Tech Tuning

    I think they are based around hertfordshire. Pretty sure they have been around for a while but unsure of their work quality or reputation. As suggested I would google it.