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    RNS-E self fit - Audi warranty?

    Audi wont do a retrofit as the wiring is slightly different. I don't think it would affect your warranty unless some part of the fitting has caused the damage but you should check with them first. At the end of the day its no different from you fitting another stereo anyway and that doesnt void...
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    SD Cards with RNS-E Unit

    I use these cards and they work perfectly in my RNS-E
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    MP3 playlists on Nav+

    Right just found out it was because some album tracks were titled 1-track name, 2-track name etc instead of 01 - track name, 02 - track name. Anyway thanks for the help d5aul.
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    MP3 playlists on Nav+

    If I open one of my problem albums in Tag and Rename it comes up in the order 1, 10, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9(which is the same order its always played). I deleted the original playlist again(before I opened the album in T&R) and saved the the tracks in the correct order 1-10 as an .m3u file. If I...
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    MP3 playlists on Nav+

    All the files are titled correctly and Ive tried both .m3u files and .pls files but it still lists the original wrong order of the tracks. Its not the track titles as other albums are read in the correct order and titled the same. It seesm like I need to reset the Nav+ so it reads the cards for...
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    MP3 playlists on Nav+

    Hi Im having a slight problem with the playlists ive created on my SD cards with the RNS-E. I put each album into the respective album folder on the sd card then created the playlists as *.pls files on the root of the card. This works fine except a few of the playlists I didnt create in the...
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    Sat Nav installation service

    Thanks for your reply to me earlier in the thread Craig. It answered all my questions. I'm not that bothered about the TV just thought it was a nice to have if it was easy to fit. Now the cars turned up im using the sd cards for music so the changer isnt required either.
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    Sat Nav installation service

    Hi Craig just wondering if you could give me a price for the TV tuner upgrade for my car. I dont pick it up until march 1st but it is already fitted with the RNS-E and bluetooth. Also is this a big job? Can you supply and fit the glovebox cd changer? If so what price roughly would it be...
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    Cradle for the Bluetooth phone system

    I want to know this too I pick my car up at the beginning of march and am due a phone upgrade at the same time. I want to make sure what ever phone I get will have a cradle.