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  1. gogz s3

    #imhomoyellow progress threadF

    Nice one Scott, great list of mods you have. have to see it the flesh some time. :yes:
  2. gogz s3

    My new girl......

    Welcome aboard pal, didn't think it would be too long until i saw you on here. Love your car, very rare indeed.
  3. gogz s3

    Jackos Bluey Mk2.. Build/progress Thread.. Pic Heavy!

    Nice one Jack, loving that engine cover, makes the bay a lot neater.
  4. gogz s3

    Painted my grill black...opinions?

    What a difference, nice one. Love the car.
  5. gogz s3

    I plastidipped my rims and wing mirrors - pics

    What a difference, good job pal.
  6. gogz s3

    A3/S3 Photos Thread

    Quick pic from this morning
  7. gogz s3

    Spacers fitted to my S3

    It must be your coils, cause i've h&r springs on and there's no difference to the braking.
  8. gogz s3

    Spacers fitted to my S3

    Nah, no effect at all, no wheel wobble on mine. Some say they get wheel wobble, but don't kmow if that's with some after market wheels!
  9. gogz s3

    S3 Sprint Blue in Bridlington

    There's a spotters thread in the stickys!!!! :cool:
  10. gogz s3

    Spacers - S3

    They're a dawdle to fit, wheel off, spacer on, wheel on, bish, bash, bosh, off you go.:rockwoot:
  11. gogz s3

    Hey! Wanting to buy my first audi but want to know if this is worth it?

    I searched for 3 months before i found the right one for me, which had to have, the heated recaros, satnav, cd changer, oh,and had to be Sprint Blue. It was well worth all the searching and waiting for. Better holding back to get the right one and then enjoy it! Good things come to those who...
  12. gogz s3

    Audi "Quattro" badge (group buy possibility)

    Never seen it fitted to an 8L before, looks well smart,
  13. gogz s3

    Audi "Quattro" badge (group buy possibility)

    As already been said it looks too busy, but now seeing it further back, it looks good.
  14. gogz s3

    Audi "Quattro" badge (group buy possibility)

    It is Royal Mail that delivers them.:)
  15. gogz s3

    A3/S3 Photos Thread

    Couple more after quick wash
  16. gogz s3

    Spacers - S3

    Yeah, H&Rs, think it was about £185 all in.
  17. gogz s3

    Spacers - S3

    I've got them on my S3, mostly cosmetic, haven't noticed any other big difference. I'm running 12mm on rear and 10mm on front, that seems to be the most popular set up. My car's lowered as well and there's no rubbing at all. Spacers are H&R, got them from DPM
  18. gogz s3

    Audi "Quattro" badge (group buy possibility)

    Yeah, but where i fitted my badge, there's just three tiny holes and even if badge was removed i doubt you would see them.
  19. gogz s3

    Audi "Quattro" badge (group buy possibility)

    It's an easy job to do 1) cut clear plastic to length of badge 2) tape badge to strip and make holes with heated (i used a lighter) metal rod (supplied with badge) 3) centre both badge and strip against where badge is being fitted, heat the rod and make holes through plastic and the grill 4)...