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  1. spartacus68

    Leak From Rear Of The Car?

    What’s in the boot? Look at that last picture, it looks like there’s a drip on the rubber grommet. It’s a TFSI so that rules out TDI AdBlue failure. The exhaust tip does look like there’s lot of carbon build up. If it was piston rings that might explain oil and unburnt petrol, but why the leak...
  2. spartacus68

    Audi S4 B9 with 90k: smart buy?

    Watch some of the work that gets done on Audi performance models on VAG Technics’ YouTube site and draw your own conclusions.
  3. spartacus68

    Coolant leak

    Can’t help you regards Indy, but this is a useful link regards possible coolant leak on 2.0TFSI. Dave Sterl is Very knowledgeable so may give you a pointer.
  4. spartacus68

    Unexplainable limp mode

    What’s the history of the car? That’s a lot of errors for no damage? Knock control on cylinder 1 control limit reached is worth investigating. Not sure what you’re using to scan the car but you will need VCDS to chase down these errors, as you may need to measure voltage, timing, etc.
  5. spartacus68

    Facelift How much to fix this dent on door?

    Is the sill damage from the same accident? Have you contemplated just going through your own insurance. Whatever happens, not convinced it's paintless dent removal given the paint graze, but it's amazing what can be done. Any bodyshop work, I think you are in region of £400-500 would be my...
  6. spartacus68


    Not sure you have much choice in this. Car needs scanned with VCDS to pull codes. A main dealer will take £100+ for the pleasure, or see if a forum member near you can do it for beer tokens. The adblue pump is well documented, and I don't know if it's subsequently been revised design wise...
  7. spartacus68

    A4 Bumper Damage - Mega Repair Bill?

    Pretty standard repair. If you go through your insurance - I think they'll just opt for a new bumper. It's crazy, but it's all down to labour. I'd want them to remove the bumper, push that crack out and fill. They may use a wire mesh patch and plastic weld, then conventional filler and repaint...
  8. spartacus68

    Brake pad warning light

    That sounds like it may be a loom issue then with a intermittent fault further up the wiring. Only way to test is continuity, but because that can even throw you a false reading - suspect they'll just replace the loom. Audi main dealer motto 'if in doubt - replace it'!
  9. spartacus68

    Brake pad warning light

    The brake pad warning is a pretty basic system. Given yours a relatively new car, then you shouldn't have to worry about corrosion. If seen issues with the connector itself and the wiring. Give it another look. Pull it apart and look at the blades in the connector terminal that they are sitting...
  10. spartacus68

    B9 S4 (Petrol) to ‘similar’ spec B9 RS4....worth the spend ?

    I found this today (and thought of this thread). It's a B8, but looks absolute mint. Sorry, had to share, for those with the RS4 itch. Good price too!
  11. spartacus68

    Pilot Sport 4 or CrossClimate+? Oldham, UK

    Running Cross-climates on my B8 Allroad. Very quiet and wear seems reasonable. Didn't really get a chance to test them fully given working from home for over a year and we had some deep snow too, which I could only look out on. Hybrid tyres are always a bit of a compromise, but one I'm willing...
  12. spartacus68

    Front parking sensors

    PDC sensors do fail. If you have VCDS - then scan the car. Avoid the YouTube videos about WD40 to resolve errors which is basically snake-oil. Out of the car - you should be able to feel reverberations from the sensor when it's powered up. If you don't want to replace it quite yet, you could...
  13. spartacus68

    Measurement from floor to bottom of Drivers door?

    If your wife is worried about parking a bigger car then avoid the A6, it has a big overhang front and rear, an SQ5 is probably a better bet. I don't know a huge amount about the newer diesels, but Ad Blue is definitely a factor with the pump failing, so you're looking at £1k fix. Again with...
  14. spartacus68

    Measurement from floor to bottom of Drivers door?

    Sorry, I don't have an answer to your door height question, just interested that you're coming from a B8 Allroad, and have you considered B9 Allroad? The A6 is a bigger beast, and has air suspension and my only worry if you stay with diesel is Ad Blue, seems like a lot of pump failures. That...
  15. spartacus68

    Knocking noise - Worn control arms

    You should get away with just replacing the upper arms, given mileage. I replaced the entire suspension on by B5 2.5 TDI V6 Quattro Avant but it was at 150k miles and there's no point swapping an arm here or there, just replace the lot. I still follow the MOT on the old locomotive and she's over...
  16. spartacus68

    Knocking noise - Worn control arms

    What's the mileage? Upper control arms, fit Meyle HD or Lemforder. Given you need to check the tracking afterwards, its not a job you want to do twice. Also - only torque them once the car is on its wheels or you'll stress the bushes.
  17. spartacus68

    Rust Forming Already???

    Get the car booked into the main dealer. I haven't seen corrosion like that for some time. It's very similar to corrosion on diamond cut alloys which lifts the lacquer as moisture is penetrating the paint top coat from the base undercoat. The main dealer will measure the paint thickness. It's...
  18. spartacus68

    A4 B9 rear brake pads/grinding noise

    Good call on the heat shield touching the brake disc. Easy done. A small stone can lodge between the disc and the pad, apart from noise, then you may see scoring on the outside face of the disc. Run your fingers behind the disc too or a visual inspection with a torch. You can jack up the rear...
  19. spartacus68

    A4 B9 rear brake pads/grinding noise

    Did they mention anything about the rear discs? If there's a lip on the discs or excessive corrosion I'd change them too, as it seems false economy just to replace the pads. The brake fluid change doesn't involve any physical adjustment of the brakes, so a full brake dismantle always helps these...