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    Performance edition rear boot matt

    is this part number 8Y5 061 190 DAX for a sedan or sportback? in need the part number for a sportback thanks
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    RS3 Build Tracker Spreadsheet

    my dealer was in munich at audi sport he has seen the new rs3 facelift 2024 The car gets new bumpers and the exhaust is moved more towards the center about 40 cm apart Behind come 2 f1 style brake lights the car keeps the 5 cylinder engine Probably all 2023 rs3 q4 delivery will be canceled or...
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    RS3 Build Tracker Spreadsheet

    My rs3 sb was put from March 2023 to June 2023 according to the dealer, audi has a shortage of 5 cylinder engines and problems with the emission requirements and according to the rumors from my dealer and from germany, the facelift would probably be a 4 cylinder with hybrid because of the...
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    RS3 Build Tracker Spreadsheet

    maybe this is him I was in emden today and there is 1 to be shipped to the uk
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    Head up display options?

    Hello, is there a way to get the boomerang rpm tachometer and oil temperature gauge in the head up display in dynamic and individual mode? such as with rs6 thanks