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    S3 Engine Reliability

    Hello, bad experience here. 2014 S3 8V (so PFL) at about 50.000 km I got some random "LOW OIL PRESSURE" warnings. Audi replaced all the oil pressure sensor but the problem was not solved. After months and 4 tow trucks, it required the replacement of the complete engine (under warranty).
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    winter tyres or haldex issues?

    Hello guys, Lot of replies, many thanks. I appreciate it very much. Unfortunately here in north Italy, where I live, there is an odd legal requirement to have winter tyres or summer tyres + snow chains on board outside urban areas. This is a feast for tyre shops that pump up the prices. I...
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    Coolant leak S3

    Had the same issue one year ago. The EPC light went on and I smelled coolant outside the car with hot engine. Pressurised the car overnight they found leakage but I did not notice on the floor because it remained on the engine bottom panel. Changed the coolant pump and the regulator too.
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    winter tyres or haldex issues?

    Well, I swapped my summer Michelin Pilot Sport 4 for winter Nokian WR4, same size. Today was a clear, sunny and very dry day, tarmac was perfectly dry and I noticed that under strong acceleration driving straight on highway, the ESP light flashed, the car did not accelerate and gearbox, in auto...
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    Engine symbol popped up on dash

    When the engine is warm, after a ride, check if you smell coolant. I had the engine light one year ago and it was the only indication of the coolant regulator and pump fault with undetectable leak because the coolant remained on the engine protection panel at the bottom and did not drop on the...
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    Noticed any imperfections!?

    Yes, I have imperfections Audi replaced my engine at 40.000 km lol.
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    Facelift How fast or slow do S3 depreciate?

    Here in Italy it depreciates very very fast. Also because here we have an additional tax for cars >245 HP. Owning an S3 in Italy is very very expensive nowadays. I paid mine 42k € in 2014, now Audi buy it back for 21k €.
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    So noisy in here!!!!!

    Well, you are forgetting my WHINE at 140km/h that required the replacement of the front differential in order to be solved :D Also after the replacement of the front differential the whine did not went away totally. There is still a very slight whining noise at some speeds... I think it is...
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    Facelift Best tyres for 18 inch S3 wheels

    I went for 225/40 18 MICHELIN PS4 92Y PS4S was not available for 18'. I spent 630€ for 4 tyres and mounting labour (labour was 77€ so the difference is the cost of the 4 tyres) Unfortunately I did not drive the car enough to make a full comparison with the original Contis. The first immediate...
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    Engine mounts question

    Months ago Audi removed the engine from my car in order to perform the replacement of the oil squirters. When they gave me the car back I immediately notice that the car experienced a drift to the right despite the steering wheel being straight. I took the car to my tire dealer that is very...
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    They will replace the engine...

    Thanks mate
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    They will replace the engine...

    After a long history of faults that kept my car at the dealer since January, Audi finally decided to replace the engine. Question: does the engine replacement reset the total odometer? Thanks :) D.
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    Is your next car going to be Audi?

    Nope. I had an awkward quantity of faults in 40.000 km only. Actually my car is at the dealer from January because of lubrification system problems. I had to call the tow truck five times in three months. Finally they told me today they will replace the engine at no cost despite the car is no...
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    New Audi, Any Regrets?

    Hi mate, it is a matter of bothered me after some months...and the red S badge is less visible eheh. In retrospective I would go for a dark grey or a dark blue. EDIT: forgot to add: it is much harder to sell...
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    facelift vs pre-facelift interior comparison

    Hi all, My S3 is broken again. Basically I drove it one week in the last 6 months...because it is always at repair shop. This time a defective oil squirter required the engine to be removed from the car and opened apart. In the meanwhile they gave me a courtesy facelift brand new 1.6 TDI A3...
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    New Audi, Any Regrets?

    My regrets: 1) Getting the hatchback 2) The color (misano red) 3) Not getting the cruise control 4) Getting the S3. Endless chain of faults. The last one: a defective oil squirter that required the engine to be removed from the car and opened apart...
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    low oil pressure warning nightmare

    Hi all, A new episode of my unlucky S3. In January I got the engine amber light, I took the car to Audi and they replaced the coolant pump + regulator. They also changed an oil pressure sensor, I really do not know why. The day they gave me the car back, after about 20 minutes on the road the...
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    Engine emissions light

    Same happened to me last december. Coolant bypass valve and coolant pump replaced. I was out of warranty but Audi agreed to pay for the parts and I have been charged the labor cost. And lol, mileage was the same mine.
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    sixteen days has passed...

    Yes, under warranty also if the warranty voided some thousand km ago. There is a strange story behind, if you search the forum you will find some posts where I describe a loud whine between 130 and 140 km/h. It started at about 10.000 km and it was getting louder. I took the car at the dealer...
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    Whirring noise at cold engine startup

    Hi guys, I noticed that my S3, every first start of the day, in the morning, makes a quite loud whirring noise from the engine that lasts 3-4 seconds. What is this? Is it normal?