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    2.5tdi v6 Remap

    Hi all, Can anyone recommend a good remap company around London? I would like to remap my Allroad. Thank you.
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    Which oil? Allroad 2.5tdi v6

    Hi all, Please I need help or suggestion regarding to engine oil. I got 2.5tdi v6 and I usually using Quantum Longlife 3 5W-30 or Castrol 5W-30 but I read article that I should use Quantum Platinum 5W-40 or Platinum Plus 5W-30. I got dilemma right now which is the right oil for my engine...
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    Audi Allroad C5 Tiptronic oil change

    I was thinking about it. Thanks for a tip. Getting ready for spring time.
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    Free Dog Guard and Parcel Shelf in Edinburgh

    Does it fit the allroad? Can u post?
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    Audi Allroad C5 Tiptronic oil change

    Hi all, Just wondering if you have any experience with this garage Mercury Auto Repairs. They do changing gearbox oil by using the machine CAT-501S. Do you thing this is safe to do? Do you know good mechanic which he has experience with this type of gearbox in LOndon. I can do it by myself...