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    Scared to drive...

    If you are struggling with confidence after crashes (and to be honest i cant blame you!) then i would suggest taking a friend/partner with you when driving for the 1st week or two until your confidence returns, just short journeys to start with, then longer distances once you are more settled...
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    Stopped by the police!!!

    My most recent pull was in my old Starlet GTT Turbo around august last year, i had renewed the insurance a week before it was due but the police system clearly didn't show this so i got stopped - what i found rather annoying was about 5 seconds before he stopped me a rather annoying BWM decided...
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    Legislation that could ban our sport/modifications

    So at the moment (in the UK) we are: Paying a stupid amount of money for fuel Paying a stupid amount for insurance due to cover not only ourselves but those people who make false claims, not driving with insurance etc Paying for road tax every year which doesn't actually get spent on roads and...
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    Secondary Air Pump Pipe?

    I've done a temp fix with tape and tie wraps and it all feels a lot better, I'm based in Blackpool so Beechbuggy that puts you a bit for travelling to college but thanks for the offer (and i agree they would probably get damaged, jezzy if your nearby id happily collect.
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    Secondary Air Pump Pipe?

    Ive found a massssive hole and crack in the pipe in the centre of the attached picture (the left of the two pipes). Can anyone help me out with a part number so i can order one as there are two corrugated pipes which look similar. Thanks Sorry forgot to mention is S3 8L 2000 APY.
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    Peter Norris Audi Specialist in Clapham - Don't bother!!!

    Funny how high street shops complain they are going under and loosing out to online retailers etc, no wonder really when the price is normally lower, delivery is cheap/free and you don't have to deal with some numpty who is about as much help as a punch in the face, and i paid petrol and parking...
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    Music that could of made you lose your licence

    Motley Crue - Kickstart My Heart - Vitalic - My Friend Dario
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    Is there a way to make the wiper arms behave like most other cars?

    Mine did this, the previous owner had the linkage changed as it ceased (due to leaking washer jets) so he got another linkage and removed the existing motor and put the two together in rather a hurry, what he didnt do line the linkage up properly so everytime the motor was turned on it did a...
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    Rear Brake Caliper Question

    Thank you :D
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    Rear Brake Caliper Question

    I need to replace my rear calipers on my 2000 S3 and have found some off a 2002 S3 - will these be a straight swap? Thanks
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    What do you hate???

    ooooh where do i start??? People who pull out from a side road in a right big hurry but once they've done so insist on driving 10 mph below the speed limit thus making you slow down! People who ride their bikes on the pavement and act like your the ones who are getting in their way. People...
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    Amanda Cars Heywood...Jokers

    Sounds like you got of lightly there, if thats the attitude to something like a service/timing belt then what else has been left/f**ked up to get rid of it. No call for that kind of treatment i hope they never sell any cars.
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    Locking wheel bolts???

    I've never had a good experience of Mcguard locking wheel nuts, the removal key crumbles too easily and a lot of garages windy gun locking wheel nuts on (big pet peeve of mine!) and wreck them. If you are running OEM spec wheels id either get Audi OEM ones or do away with the locking wheel nuts...
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    Petrol drinking

    id get the car scanned and see what (if any) fault codes you get and take it from there.
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    Fuel panic buying begins...

    Spot on! So basically all these people who've been panic buying, sat outside the petrol stations with 3/4 of a tank will need to fill up again in a week and the madness will start all over again, and until its confirmed if the strike is going ahead or not. I made a joke yesterday that people...
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    Fuel panic buying begins...

    Ive read that fuel spending over the last 2 days has gone up 50%...........that'll make a nice injection into the puplic purse strings given that its nearly the end of the financial year............mmmmm
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    Is anyone else getting a bit sick of ebay, whether it be buying or selling? Ive been using ebay since 2007, usually with no problem but in the last month ive had none payers(looks like i may have another after yesterday), none posting sellers until disputes are raised and then like magic they...
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    Nothing here in blackpool but rain and ice! I want to play!
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    ESP Issue thats Got Me Stumped

    Im hoping someone has come across this before, it all seems to have started because of the cold weather (anything under 3 degrees). My ESP fault light has been on for about 2 months since removing some tape stuck in the dash, having had it diagnosed it was found i had the N247 fault which meant...
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    top gear

    Some nice cars and a few funny moments..........but id hoped for something a bit better than "we picked one each and went to *insert country here* and were given some challenges blah blah blah".