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    Juddery Brakes??

    OK Guys, This was a very weird one, I worked out using VAG com that the Front left wheel was showing a slower speed (Just before the stop). It was only about 2Kms slower. Turned the Sensor by 3 degrees, and all apears good. Will advise after a longer run !.:hubbahubba: :hubbahubba: :hubbahubba:
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    Hey guys, Here is a question for you all, I live in Gloucester, and have been looking for a good company to APR Tune my 2.7 Quattro Turbo Avant. Anyone know anyone thats good ? I did try and contact a company in Taunton, but they never returned my emails or phone calls.. J:idea:
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    AIRCON Working until pipes freeze

    Belive it or not it could also be you need your gas refilled. These systems do freeze when low. And the reason you might be low.. A leak.. Which are very difficult to find.
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    Grinding noise

    have you had the Brake pads changed recently ? I had a friend who had this done at his local garage, they fitted wrong pads and created exactly what your saying ??? J
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    Juddery Brakes??

    I too have this problem, I have not got to the bottom of it yet.. These are the things I have checked. ABS - REmoved fuse - Problem does not occur. Checked ECU using VAG com, no faults. Blead brakes (1 lt or brak fluid. Using vag com to kick of the bleed program) New pads and discs. Calipers...
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    A6 2.7 Biturbo Quattro Avant

    Got my shocks coming now - Well done Dummi, thanks for the link. Just goes to proove that this is the best place for knowledge:respekt:
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    A6 2.7 Biturbo Quattro Avant

    Hey Dummi, thanks for the link, I have emailed them.. So what you done to yours ??
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    A6 2.7 Biturbo Quattro Avant

    Hi Guys, I have a 2000 A6 2.7 T Avant, love it very very much, I would love to know what sort of mods that people have done in a similar car. I want to change the suspension, I can find new front shocks, but am told no aftermarket shocks exist for the rear ??? Audi want 75 +vat per shock -...