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    Stroke of bad luck - flicked stone damaged radiator

    Leasing it from another vendor. They just serviced it as they're the nearest dealer. Also no other Audi. I'm not sure if the 'bad design' argument will cut it though - the counter-argument could be it's very rare as only happened after 19k miles. :shrug:
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    Stroke of bad luck - flicked stone damaged radiator

    Spent £500+ to have the first service at 19K miles. Took it out for a drive and everything was fine. Later during the day took the car out and it showed 'low coolant' warning. Following day took it back to the dealer to take a look and they said they found a little hole in the radiator which is...
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    Speed dependent volume control

    I don't even know what it's supposed to do.
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    Foldable Mirrors

    I think foldable mirrors are part of Comfort & Sound pack.
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    A3 35tfsi mHev - Mileage

    Here's a long running existing thread here - Mine is 35tfsi Stronic and added some mileage info there.
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    Treated ourselves to a new a3 yesterday

    Looks awesome. Enjoy and have fun safely!
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    Real World Mpg of A3 8Y

    Over the weekend, drove from M1 J13 to Shepherds Bush London via M25, M40/A40 - lots of traffic with 40-60 variable speed limit but no start/stop. 62.5MPG when we reached there. Came back late night so fewer traffics and drove lot faster - only 45MPG. Comfort mode both ways. Fuel was Tesco...
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    What have you done to your 8Y today?

    Washed it :tonguewink:
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    TBH this is one of the most useful features of modern cars. If the driver is too lazy to turn lights on when needed, then the car can do it better than them. The amount of cars without any lights we see during dawn/dusk/low visibility is mind boggling.
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    Driving mode

    Comfort most of the time, flick the gear switch to S if I need bit more response.
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    Real World Mpg of A3 8Y

    This car is a keeper for life :laughing:
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    A3/S3 delivery lead time?

    This thread makes me so frustrated and helpless about getting another new A3 in 2023. The lease price is also way OTT. So I just went ahead and extended my current A3 lease for another year until 2024 and the new price is not too shabby either.
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    Any one keep getting flashed by oncoming traffic?

    On a similar note to Qashqai and Mini, I find the new model Peugeot SUVs are eye meltingly bright.
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    Real World Mpg of A3 8Y

    Over the weekend drove to Peak district and back, M1 and then some nice twisty roads in Hope valley. It was very cold (5ish degree c), misty and road surface was damp and slippery. About 280 miles of total journey and MPG readout was 46MPG.
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    A3 headlights short throw, and generally not very good

    Mine is S-Line and doesn't have matrix. But I find the headlamps are pretty good TBH. I know S-line headlamps are projector type (not the high-beam though) and Sport has reflector type. But I thought the actual lamp is the same one with same output? Has anyone driven both S-line and Sport and...
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    Drive Select - Is there any real cost savings???

    I don't have any MPG info but when I drive in 'S', the MPG display in the dash shows 3/4 green more frequently. Whereas In 'Comfort' driving it shows 3/4 bar in grey instead. Does it mean S mode saving more fuel? Or generating more electricity for the MHEV battery?
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    Build - Delivery Dates?

    Looks sexy in blue! Enjoy!
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    One month in...

    Juddering: Awesome that you got a good outcome of it. Enjoy the drive! Condensation: Mine only fogs up when it's really cold. My solution is to hit the 'Max' button with the temp of 22 and leave it there for few minutes before setting off. During the drive, the car tends to fog up if the CC is...
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    A3 headlights short throw, and generally not very good

    It was 2001/02's Vauxhall Omega with 3.2V6 I had in 2010 (yeah I was watching too many police shows on telly at that time ;) ). Super comfy car with lots of gadgets for the time but super unreliable at the same time.
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    A3 headlights short throw, and generally not very good

    I find the A3's non-matrix adaptive LED lamp is pretty good combining with the auto high beam. As a contrast, my last car's (Merc A class) projector LED was pretty poor and had to take it to the dealer to get them adjusted, which made it only marginally better. As another contrast, my another...