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    misfire after other problems

    LOL, ive got a boat moored at alvecote,so no probs
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    question about sorting my ride height out - 2.8Q

    Aragorn if pjw dont want the standard s4 rear springs i will buy them from you if you have them
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    misfire after other problems

    oil leak is due to the two sensor type things on the back of the heads near the bulkhead there a ***** to change do it when you change the cam belt,theres a additive to put in the oil that freshens up the seals and will stop the leak, try it it may work,misfire is probably due to the coil/leads...
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    F**king Police

    if theres a next time,when you phone the police tell them that he pulled a gun/knife on you when you confronted him,they have to respond to that, register a complaint against the police,youve had two incidents off possible burgularies at your address without any action from the police,plus...
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    Yet another mpg question,

    if filter was clogged it would not run right and be down on power,if it runs lean then i would expect it to be running hot and also be down on power,neather was mentioned by op,but then again neather was a good service.
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    LPG Conversion - 3.2 v6

    wont belong before the cylinder liners drop on the range rover then, if you buy a car with a big engine in it expect big fuel bills,if you cant afford to run it as intended by the manufacturer sell and buy something smaller.personaly i would not touch lpg it just causes more problems,go to any...
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    Yet another mpg question,

    my 2.8q is currently doing 27.6mpg average, and i do have a heavy right foot,have you changed the fuel filter?
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    1.8 TQS VALUE?????

    currently getting 29.9mpg acording to the dis out of the 1.8 on my daily 12 mile run to work each day spirited drive that is the 2.8 does 27.2mpg on the same run. 2-3k seems kin expensive for what is an 11 year old motor its only knowageable chaps like you chaps that know what they are and tend...
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    1.8 TQS VALUE?????

    each to there own mate just going on a comparison with mine,the 2.8 has full leather interior only half on the 1.8tqs, sport suspension same as, better radio concert compared to symphony,your right about mpg tho but for 3 mpg over the same roads i travel to work it neither here or there,the...
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    1.8 TQS VALUE?????

    there was one for sale a few months ago in cov s plate 90,000miles for £1795 and that was a trader,i bet you would have bid him £1500 an have bought it warrantee and mot inc,if you can do any work on these cars to get them thro an mot you dont wanna be paying anywhere near what you payed for...
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    1.8 TQS VALUE?????

    i just paid £680 for mine v plate facelift model just needed a cv joint and windscreen for mot,if its not the best time to buy dont unless its an easy quick fix to move it on,do a quick costing of parts on euro car parts to get some idea of repair costs before you buy if you know whats gonna be...
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    door rubber trims

    there were some on e-bay £99 for a set of 4 so check there i think the ad said they didnt have the metal bits in them that rust out,i were gonna get some for mine but im not gonna leave em off for now
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    BRAKE DISC advise needed...

    if i were you mate i would strip the calipers and disc from the hub and see if there is any crap behind the disc stoping it from mounting on the hub also do your wheels fit on the hub center correctly ie is the hole in the wheel the correct size for the flange on the hub,somethings not correct...
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    relaced cv boot now i have a noise at 35-40 mph A4 B5 2.6 v6

    aragorn mate thats what i ordered but didnt fit the shaft, fitted the hub,after a little investigation it was found to have 25mm shaft with 30 splines which is what the v6 cars should have so ive been told.numbers on the shaft are 8do 407 272 ah/ j2 ah if that meens anything to you shaft seems...
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    Propshaft ?

    have you tried these guys very helpful but not in the midlands
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    relaced cv boot now i have a noise at 35-40 mph A4 B5 2.6 v6

    that answers a question i was gonna ask about 150ft/lbs in old money then? as ive gotta do one on my 1.8tq but it seems ive got v6 driveshafts as its got 30 teeth on the shaft
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    relaced cv boot now i have a noise at 35-40 mph A4 B5 2.6 v6

    did you regrease the cv? it might have a load of crap in it if the boot had split
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    couple of pics at GTI

    what bucket did someone see a lupo must of mist that
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    Can't find a car anywhere

    your looking in all the right places,its just a matter of time for the right car to come up,buy an old banger for about £200 to get you by while you wait for the right car
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    driveshaft/cv joint

    thanks fellas and yes you guess right its the front cv,just need a windscreen and a downpipe then we maybe on to a winner for the mot. adie