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    The Woes of the Rear Electric Window Retrofit!

    Did you manage to fit them?
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    The Woes of the Rear Electric Window Retrofit!

    it would be nice for once to have a guide on how to do it. Thanks
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    Headlight problem

    I've got HID on mine too. Why don't you swap the HID power pack only on two side or even swap the HID bulbs. Have you got a pic?
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    1.9TDi 100BHP Experience?

    It is worth doing it for a year to be premium down. No extra charges tho. AFAIK if you drive by the rules they give you extra next month.
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    Headlight problem

    Did you try to power it up while you look at the back of the light? If same as mine then you should have a number of small bulbs going around the ring. One of them may be gone? Also, bulbs have someting on the top to protect the light going out. I've replaced them on mine with bulbs I've found...
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    1.9TDi 100BHP Experience?

    A friend used 'insurethebox' for a year which dropped his 2.5 K cheapest insurance qoute to around £700. Worth a try for a few K saving. You do get a box installed in your car to monitor how you drive. Drive carefully and you are the winner.
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    The Woes of the Rear Electric Window Retrofit!

    I would be very interested to see how you getting on and what work you needed to do to get it going. I've put my 'rear electric for sale' now as I could not do it. If it turns to be easier then I may consider it again.
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    quite impressed

    I am impressed with 56 mpg. I cannot get more then 42 normal drive. Just to compare same style driving BMW 320 diesel on the same root I get 58 mpg. I cannot complain how it pulls but seems that something is wrong with my AWX 1.9 TDI. Thinking of remap to see if it gets any better. I've been...
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    Power Steering Belt Adjustment

    It should be selft adjusted by tensioner. If it jumps a lot while engine is idle your alternator clutch is ready to pop.
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    B5 Engine Mounts

    Like mentioned before I've got NS mount replaced with B5 solid 2 years ago. Driver's side is solid anyway. Since then had no issues at all. I can still see on VSDC the error code as nothing is connected but engine does not vibrate.
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    Quick key question

    If you pressed the key 'open' button when doing ignition you have re-sync it with the car. You have probably lost the sync originaly since your battery it playing loose inside the key itself. Move the connectors where the batttery is so it keeps it very tight in.
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    B7 rs4 seats in a b6

    you can fit full electric B7 seats in B6. There is a lot of pics around with it.
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    B5 Engine Mounts

    I've got B5 no wire mounts fitted to my B6 with sensor. Beside the error code on VAG they are perfect.
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    Starting woes......................sort of

    solenoid defo not a problem. Your intake valve needs sorting.
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    High pitched scream under boost

    if you fitted K&N filter you will have hissing sound. The standard air filter is also sound insulator.
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    Headlight problem

    Hi... That looks same as mine. You need to remove the light out - 4 bolts. Once out open the back of light in question then check the 6 bulbs placement. You just need to push them back in place with screwdriver.
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    Headlight problem

    Hi I've got angel eyes on mine. If yours are same as mine then you got 5-6 small bulbs going around. If any of them has come out you will have them looking as you described. Best to post the picture while lights are on.
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    2.5 TDi Engine & Gearbox Mounts

    yeah, undo the mount on one side completely the jack the engine up. Replace the mount and do the same on the other side.
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    B5 engine mount on b6 1.9 tdi

    I've replaced mine with B5 rubber of standard A4 saloon. They fit fine.
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    a4 1.9 awx b6 model cant get passed 68c

    I've just done average of 41 mpg. Mine is Avant 1.9 TDI 2001. My temp on display matches what VCDS shows as per what is delivered to it from ECU. Thermostat and temp sensor must be OK then.